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’70s Aston Martin Bulldog Concept Car To Be Restored To Reach 200MPH Target

Aston Martin has built incredible cars for years upon years, but its latest crop includes the likes of the Vulcan and Valkyrie – cars which are specifically built for pure performance. This may have come to a shock for some of you, despite the company’s partnership with Red Bull (and therefore Adrian Newey), but Aston has always had a love for the fastest cars on the planet.

This car you’re looking at is the ’70s Aston Martin Bulldog speed concept that came from the mind of William Towns who was also behind the DBS of that era. Originally, it wasn’t meant to be a concept, but instead a limited run of 15, maybe 20 cars. And oh, it achieved a top speed of 191mph in 1981. Yikes. This is all thanks to a 5.3-litre V8 mated to two Garrett turbochargers powering the car, producing an output of 600hp

Only one was built due to the sheer price of the thing, but a company called Classic Motor Cars from Bridgnorth, UK, is interested in pushing its top speed further towards Aston’s original target of 200mph.

They’ve got their hands on the car and have started a nut and bolt restoration of the machine which is currently looking to stretch over an 18-month period. After this, they’ll be pushing it to its limit at a hopeful 200mph, and once it’s hit this target, they’ll commence on a world tour.

We want to put the car back to its original configuration but we may include modern components and technology to improve the car’s reliability. Overall we want to keep the original engineering architecture and appearance of the car,” Nigel Woodward, managing director at Classic Motor cars, said according to Motor1.

The CMC team will be liaising closely with some of the original engineers of the car during the restoration, and if they can’t find a part, they’ll simply make it on site. And this is how you guys fit in. Woodward says that “if anybody has any information or period photographs of the car we would love to hear from them so that we can add to the archive material.”

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