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Jeremy Clarkson Describes The Grand Tour as Top Gear in Witness Protection

The Grand Tour premiered nearly a week ago and the hype for the show is still very real and very well deserved.  In a recent interview with CNN’s “Quest Means Business,” Jeremy Clarkson discussed the massive success of the show, how surprised he was by the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, and what makes the show different from Top Gear.

Many people made assumptions about what The Grand Tour would be like when it finally debuted and a very select few, like Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, even questioned whether or not the boys would be able to recreate what we all loved about Top Gear like you read in our article here. Luckily the show was, for the most part, what we all had hoped it would be.

In the interview, Clarkson described it himself saying that The Grand Tour was

“Top Gear’ in Witness Protection. That’s what a friend of mine said the other day, a reviewer. [This show] is different because it moves around the world, that’s really it

But it’s still James, Richard, and I. So it’s like if you have a glass of champagne and you have it in a bucket or in a glass, it’s still champagne, and that’s really what it is. It’s a different vessel, but the show is, with different elements, basically about the same.”

It’s three old men who fall over and catch fire… it’s a car show… It’s really hard to explain what it is.”


How would you describe The Grand Tour to someone who has never heard of it in order to get them to watch the show? We’re not exactly sure ourselves, but we do know one thing and that is if you watch it you will love it!

Let us know what you would say in the comments below.

Nick Dunlap

Nick is a lifelong automotive enthusiast, as well as journalist, and content creator. Nick also successful competes in a variety of automotive fields including national level car shows, autocross, SCCA races, and more. He enjoys designing and building a variety of cars and helping others do the same with theirs.

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  1. There were only about 4 cars in the show. Porsche, Ferrari, McClaren, BMW. The rest was camera work and an awkward script. Flashy production, bately adequate content.

  2. Netflix is clueless… they didn’t want to spend the money on a sure thing.. i would have watched these guys host a radio show, on tv, where they just sit there, or a blank screen…..

  3. It’s hard to believe that Netflix still doesn’t understand that the viewers simply enjoy the chemistry between the guys. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love cars and look forward to them sliding and pouring tire smoke.

    We have only seen one episode but some elements of Top Gear, like the Reasonably Priced Car, I frankly won’t miss. That’s kind of why I started to enjoy US Top Gear in a way, they got rid of the fluffy stuff and got down to the cars and the personalities.

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