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Jeremy Clarkson Faces Extreme Backlash After Comments On Australian Bushfires

Jeremy Clarkson has come up against a huge backlash after he made comments about the Australian bushfires in a recent column on The Sun.

He began his writing with the following:

“I’ve suspected for some time God didn’t want people to live in Australia.

“He created it as a continent far, far away where he could house all his experiments that had gone wrong.”

He went on to list a number of the dangerous creatures around the country that is currently suffering from huge bushfires that have left thousands homeless, 23 people dead, and killed countless animals. He then suggested God was “embarrassed” by the animals and therefore set the country on fire.

He says:

“But then along came Captain Cook and now the world knows all about Oz and its stupid, dangerous creatures.

“Plainly, God is embarrassed. Because he’s decided to set fire to it.”

Despite The Grand Tour host’s latest comments on believing in global warming, he says: “When you look at the footage, you know something biblical is going on. Those things are huge.”

Below is a collection of tweets resulting from the column. As you can tell, people got extremely angry:

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  1. People … for Goodness sake … stop taking yourselves so seriously and try to engage in your own journey called life… for the others… take the pickles OUT of where the Sun don’t shine and lighten-up… the world is burning… literally … and yes he is just joking OMG … its like we are going BACKWARDS… jeez… such a shame wow

  2. I’m so upset. When Jeremy could have typed words that put out the fires, he typed words that made the fires worse. I hate him.

  3. Well Clarkson as we say here in Oz not
    Funny Jan.
    Why do not you just stay to car reviews and if you want to do something Constructive then pull your fingers out of your bottom and stop playing with your brain and organize a fundraiser to help people and wildlife that have been displaced because of this Disaster .

  4. I suppose making “jokes” about Auschwitz would be acceptable to those insensitive fans that defend Clarkson. To write such unsympathetic comments about what is nothing if not a calamity is unforgivable. I therefore extend an invitation to Clarkson and his defenders to visit Australia. I doubt he and they would exit the air terminal in one piece.

  5. I’m sure the guys trying to be funny but this ain’t the time for jokes Clarkeson,I think you owe us all an apology,I’m a big fan of yours ,but I never expected you to say what you said that’s just wrong.

  6. You are charged £1,000,000 donation to the Salvation Army Australia for the bush fire relief for your sad meanspirited comments. Why would you be so cruel?

  7. An old man who’s made a living by making fun of people and things and has never tried to be anything but who he is – that being, a miserable jerk – makes a comment that is, quite frankly, completely in character, and people have the gall, the utter audacity even, to be OUTRAGED?! You have got to be kidding. This is Jeremy bloody Clarkson, not the Queen of England. This is the short of thing you should rightly EXPECT of the man by now. Either grow a pair and swallow his brash, blue comedy with a chuckle or ignore him. This just shows how weak and sensitive the world has become and it’s disgusting.

  8. I love how all these people (who constantly say they’re so offended by things) and love to virtue signal and preach to everyone about how accepting they are of everyone else, they are the first ones to jump on social media and tell the people that offended them to eat shit and die. It really drives home the point that your such a caring and loving person. Good job morons, way to prove your point!!!

  9. He is an idiot. The fires should not happen to any man or animal. Perhaps we should drop him there as an “experiment gone wrong”

  10. The world has lost its sense of humour. It used to be normal for people to find humour in the most dire situations, these days people are too soft and pampered to deal with reality. I laughed at Jeremy’s comments but that in no way altered my realisation of the seriousness of the situation.

  11. Clarkson has become pathetic and needs to retire like the old stupid man he is. He now only gets laughs from people who are already dying.

  12. “Where He could house all his experiments that had gone wrong.”

    Oh, that’s gotta go over well in a country that was started by convicts (and they’re still pretty ‘touchy’ about it)! ;-p

    1. I’m an aussie born a bred in Melbourne. To the snowflakes, hippy green left vegans, Jeremy is joking. Get over yourselves

  13. He is funny, he is correct Australia is full of dangerous creatures. It is a joke and we are laughing. We don’t live in Australia so we can laugh. We can also pray for rain. Not much else we can do though.

    1. It’s things like this that make me love Clarkson. He doesn’t care who he offends, we need more people like this.

  14. Yes let’s all make a big circle and hold hands and be sad.. that will hello the situation. That will bring back the dead and all the dead animals. Let’s do the Christian thing and make little prayer groups. That way we can feel like we are doing something while doing absolutely F all. He is a satirical columnist. What is he supposed to do? Write how sad it is? Hasn’t that been done. Isn’t that starting the bloody obvious? Hasn’t EVERY SINGLE NEWS STATION AND PAPER DONE THAT? Don’t we all know it? I be prefer his way. I had 3 grandparents and a father die from cancer. They all made jokes about it until they couldn’t. And refused to see anyone who would walk in and cry. Here’s a top tip. If you don’t like it then don’t bloody read it. Personally I think all these snowflakes should stand in a line so we can throw them in the face with a handful of snot.

    1. Don’t group Christian people in with these social justice idiots, those are the people that get offended by absolutely everything. They don’t like Christians either, so your blaming the wrong group of people

    2. These people hate him because he made anti leftist remarks, they are hating on his every tweet. They are either overly sensitive and cant take a joke, or pretending to be, for the sake of spreading leftist hate. Either way.

  15. I will start by saying that I will continue to support Clarkson!

    I think if any of you have ever actually watched Clarkson you’d know exactly how he behaves… You take his words for Biblical speech!

    Do you really believe that because someone speaks words that this defines who they are??
    The man is an influential journalist in the UK? He’s paid to be brutally honest about everything! So it should come as no surprise that he comes off as the UK’S Donald Trump.

  16. Jeremy Clarkson is nothing more than a giant turd with shoes. Boycott his advertisers. Maybe HBO can be persuaded to dump his sorry ass. James May and Richard Hammond were about ready to dump him anyway.

    1. HBO? So do you just make up facts along the way to suit your fake internet outrage? You don’t know anything about him, let alone what network/company he’s with yet you grab a pitchfork.

      Him, May, and Hammond are all multi multi millionaires that have been doing the same job for decades. They could have retired years ago.

      Clarkson is and always will be entertaining because we know you can get an opinion with interwoven comedy knowing there’s isn’t going to be 10 layers of fake political correctness in it.

  17. Jeremy… apologize. I ‘get’ the humor. While living in California we’d regularly invite relatives for the annual State BBQs (when wildfires were annoyances but part of what was expected). We don’t do that anymore as the situation no longer is as “expected”. You’ve stepped over the line. Back it up and apologize in a proper public manner.

    There’s a time and a place for dark-humor. What’s happening in Australia isn’t it.

    1. Yes, but please, please do. I’d love to watch this tired old bigot get his head kicked in.

  18. That article was HILARIOUS. Some people look to get upset over anything. Learn to recognize humor, everyone!

  19. The lesson of australia is that “humanity” is an embarrassment. This country exists by exporting coal to the world, caring not of the catastrophic global damage it will cause.

    And does “humanity” tell its children the truth about the world they’re being left? No, the children have been sacrificed. They have no clue what’s coming, and they will not have the skills to deal with it. They are being made in the image of their coward parents.

    “Humanity” can not have its hypocritical ass kicked hard enough because it can learn nothing. This entire civilization will burn and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

    Such is evolutionary failure. Good riddance to the waste of Earth that was “humanity” – surely one of the most pathetic abominations the Universe could ever manifest.

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