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Jeremy Clarkson Gets His Own Back On Kaleb Continuing Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Filming

In a hilarious video from Diddly Squat Farm, Jeremy Clarkson is finally able to get his own back on his co-presenter Kaleb Cooper during filming for Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm. 

While hard at work harvesting, Kaleb parks his tractor alongside Jeremy’s, and with a smile on his face, rushes towards where The Grand Tour presenter is sitting in his own Lamborghini tractor filming. 

“Who’s beacon’s on?” asks Jeremy. 

“Mine,” Kaleb admits hesitantly as Clarkson begins to laugh at him. Now, I’m no farmer, so I’m not going to tell you why this is wrong, but I assume it must be something to do with communication between vehicles, similar to the beacon on the combine harvester being turned on when it’s close to being full and needing to unload. 

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This clip is followed by another clip of Jeremy showing us a “busy night” of harvesting in the pitch black with both Kaleb and someone driving a combine harvester. 

This is making us incredibly excited for another season of Clarkson’s Farm, especially after we weren’t sure it was going to be confirmed by Amazon. Fortunately, Clarkson posted a video to his social media confirming that a second season has been greenlit. 

“Following the success of the first series, I’m delighted to say there will be a second series of Clarkson’s Farm,” Jeremy told us.

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  1. Love love love Jeremy’s antics on the farm! Kaleb and Jeremy are a great double act and I hope we get to watch many more series as they continue to provide great entertainment on the best TV ever😍🤩😘

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