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Jeremy Clarkson Now Believes He Will Live Forever After Reaching Milestone: “I Made It”

Jeremy Clarkson has recently turned 62, surpassing the age he had previously believed to be a predictor of death. In the past, the broadcaster had voiced his concerns about reaching 61, stating that everyone he knew had died at that age. Now that he has made it past that age, he jokes that he will live forever. He shared his thoughts on his milestone birthday ahead of the release of the second series of his hit show, Clarkson’s Farm.

Clarkson revealed that many of his friends and family members have passed away at the age of 61, including his father, his old friend AA Gill, and Anthony Bourdain. Thus, he has always been apprehensive about that age, believing that if he could make it past 61, he would be safe.

“I made it, I’m gonna be around forever,” he told LadBible.

“My dad died when he was 61, AA Gill – one of my oldest friends – died when he was 61. Anthony Bourdain – 61.

“So many people die at 61, and I always thought, ‘If I can just get past 61, I should be alright’.”

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However, even though he has passed that age, he still has some health concerns, including numb toes. He jokingly listed some of the terrible diseases that this symptom might indicate:

“Now I’ve got numb toes – made the mistake of Googling that.

“So it’s either diabetes, cancer, AIDS… every terrible disease you could possibly have.

“The doctor was around this morning seeing Lisa [his girlfriend], and I said ‘Numb toes?’, and she went, ‘Have you got some new shoes?’, and I said, ‘Yeah’. She said, ‘Get some other ones.'”

Clarkson faces several challenges in the second season of his show, including dealing with tuberculosis-carrying badgers as he takes on cattle farming.

“You just wouldn’t believe how many things they tell you you can’t do,” he said referring to the council. “And if there are one or two things they’ve forgotten, they’ve got the council to tell you you can’t do them.”

Despite these challenges, Clarkson still loves working on his farm, and he believes that it has made him healthier. He is now living a healthier lifestyle by working on his farm and eating his own produce. He said that he walks a lot, lifts and carries things, and eats incredibly well. He consumes fresh produce directly from the ground.:

“I do walk a lot, my step count is pretty good,” he said. “And you do lift things, and carry things, and put things down again.

“It’s like being in a gym constantly, and you’re always outdoors, and we do eat incredibly well because we’re eating our own food.

“It’s just fantastic, straight out of the ground. Last night we just had some beetroot picked, boiled, with our own horseradish. You do eat well… but the trouble is, I do drink staggering quantities of beer and wine – which rather offsets everything.”

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