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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals He’s “Constantly Editing” Himself While Fearing He’ll Be Cancelled

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that he has been editing and censoring himself in fear that he’ll be “cancelled” after saying something controversial. This comes as a huge surprise as the Grand Tour and ex-Top Gear presenter isn’t usually one to shy from speaking his mind. 

But in a recent column, the new-farmer talks about Sir Tom Stoppard’s discussion on censorship and “cancel culture”, and how free speech has become “eroded”. 

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Sir Tom said: “50 years ago, it seemed to me that the freedom to say what you like within the constraints of the law of the land, was the freedom on which all other freedoms depended.

“So it is essential that people were allowed their moment on the soapbox, on the platform.”

Jeremy continues this discussion in his own column:

He wrote:

“Sir Tom Stoppard, the playwright, says that cancel culture has eroded free speech.

He’s right. Today, I constantly edit myself when I’m out and about, fearful I may say something that brings down the wrath of the woke army on my head.”

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The ex-Top Gear presenter continued: “It’s getting to the point where expressing opinions will become like self-love.

“Something you can only do when no one’s looking.”

In another column by Clarkson written earlier this year, he discussed this subject in regards to his friends feelings similar feeling. 

“If you are spending nearly a quarter of your waking moments on the internet, it’s inevitable that occasionally you’re going to see something that will get you fired.”

He continued: “It’s really scary for people who still eat meat and use petrol and continue to share inappropriate jokes on private WhatsApp groups.

“Because you’re on borrowed time, and soon you’ll get a tap on the shoulder from the HR Stasi.

“I speak often to my friends about this, and all of them are frightened to death.”

An interesting take from Jeremy, who has been thrown onto front pages for years after his famous controversial moments. He is obviously worried about how the modern day will respond to such things, which could also answer the question as to why he much prefers working on his farm away from the bustle of people in the city. 

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