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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals He’s Opening A Restaurant On Clarkson’s Farm

The success around the Clarkson’s Farm Amazon show and Diddly Squat Farm has been palpable. And now with Jeremy Clarkson looking to build even more of an empire around his business venture, he’s just revealed plans to open a restaurant on his land.

This news came from the recent local town meeting where Jeremy discussed the future of the farm and its businesses. During the hour-long meeting, Jeremy revealed that he would be using the lambing shed, seen in the first series of Clarkson’s Farm, to build an eatery. Half of the building would be used for the kitchen, with the other half used for the seating of 60 people.

He explained that it would be cheaper than other local restaurants, estimating that it would be £60 for a meal for two.

During the same meeting, he also revealed that he’s looking to reduce the number of fans who are currently flocking to the farm and causing traffic around the area of Chadlington.

Jonathan Moore, 53, a doctor who lives nearby in the village, told the Press Association the following:

“It’s all subject to planning, so he can’t promise anything yet, but he’s hoping to change the lambing shed into a restaurant. We thought it would be for 150 (people) but it’s actually 60 seats, and he’s trying to control the number of people coming to the farm shop in the future.

“It’s very expensive to sell his produce so he wants to try and sell as much through the farm shop and the restaurant as he can.

“As expected there were some people who had very strong views, either way, the people who had negative views made them more strongly. He gave his views for the future and that’s all we can really hope for.”

Mr Moore added: “I am sympathetic – no-one could ever have dreamt it was such a successful series. He couldn’t ever have predicted that. I think it will be good as long as it’s controlled – I don’t want to stifle success.”

Another resident, Maggie Jackman, said: “It went very well, he was very entertaining. A lot of people were completely won over.

“When we got to valid points about short-term and long-term solutions, that’s when we came up with some very sensible ideas. So, we just have to watch the space.

“I’m waiting to see if he puts words into action. Actions speak louder than words, so let’s see how it goes.”

Jeremy Clarkson isn’t the first of the Grand Tour presenters to start a restaurant. Last year, James May bought “half a pub”, called the Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire, 2 miles southeast of Tisbury and 11 miles west of Salisbury.

The restaurant’s website says the following:

“Whether you’re popping in for a quick drink, dining or staying over night we cannot wait to welcome you.

“We offer locally sourced produce of the highest quality in a relaxed atmosphere.

“We look forward to seeing you soon.”

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