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Jeremy Clarkson Tells Us How He Actually Feels About The Failure Of The New Top Gear

It’s no secret that Jeremy Clarkson, arguably the father of Top Gear and the man who made it was it is today, isn’t upset that it hasn’t got the following it once had since he left. But where Hammond and May have always been open about the fact that they still support the new crew, Clarkson has always kept his feelings close to his chest.

In an interview, he finally told fans exactly what’s going on behind his stone-like exterior. Struggling to not show his iconic smug face, he explains that of course he is happy that it’s failing. It was his baby, and the trio didn’t exactly leave on the best of terms.

James and Richard are always, ‘oh no it’s a shame, and we wish them all the best’, I don’t,” Clarkson jokes. “No, I do,” he says before shaking his head and miming “no, I don’t”.

Later in the interview, he also jokes that he, Richard Hammond, and James May are “deeply in love.”


He says, “I do like their company when I’m at work.” But when pushed to say he loves them, he says, “that would be ridiculous,” before joking that he would soon be a “raving gay.”

Clarkson, in his usual manner, certainly isn’t worried to let people know what he thinks about the reboot of Top Gear, despite fans now slowly warming to the new hosts, Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness, and Freddie Flintoff.

What do you think about the new show? Do you still watch it? Are you not too bothered either way? Or do you make a point of not watching it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. They’re trying to hard to recreate the chemestry the original three had, that can only exist through genuine laughter and friendship. They come across contrived, false and artificial (trying too hard)! Not a fan.

  2. If Jeremy Clarkson didn’t punch his producer when he was drunk he would still be working on Top Gear

  3. I don’t like it and I do not watch the new show. There will only ever be One Top Gear/Grand Tour,and that’s with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

  4. The current version of Top Gear is better than no-tent Grand Tour. ‘A Massive Hunt’ was as big a waste of time as Top Gear Dog only half as energetic.

  5. Still watch TG and enjoy it. In some ways i prefer it not having to put up with Clarkson’s smugness

  6. The show is mediocre at Best and most of the time you need a translator or subtitles to understand what they are saying. Other than Harris, where did the other two come from?

  7. Top gear should be put to bed and a totally new show created. Rehashing old stunts is childish and boring… Time to move on.

  8. We do not follow the new BBC Top Gear

    No mojo like the original one…simple as that.BBC SCREWED THE POOCH.

  9. I don’t nor do I wish to watch the new so called Top Gear. The new host hold no appeal at all.

  10. Never watched another current episode of top gear again after Clarkson and the boys left. The only thing I have and do watch is old recorded specials.

  11. I do enjoy new TG , its the best of the re-incarnations , that being said its not a patch on the old show with Clarkson , Hammond and May .

  12. Their chemistry together is what made Top Gear such a fun and interesting show. I tried watching the ” clone” and it just doesn’t work. The Grand Tour is basically Top Gear 2.0. . Clarkson, Hammond and May are what makes the show work.

  13. I love the new Top Gear. Refreshing that the old guys have moved on and I find the new format very funny and appealing to a different audience. Grand Tour is getting a bit dull. Sorry JC, your better on Millionaire!

  14. Starting with Chris Evans and an American as presenters put me off to begin with and the bits I’ve seen since don’t encourage me to try again. They lack the fun and humour of the original characters.

  15. Top gear since Clarkson, Hammond and May left is… Well… It’s not Top Gear anymore, is it? The new presenters are talentless, unfunny, un-entertaining and quite frankly look and sound extremely amateur! The show is about as entertaining, now, as the rest of the drivel that the BBC pumps out!

  16. The new version of Top Gear is Fantastic. The presenters are every bit as good as the original original three. I look forward to each new episode, it is the biggest laugh on T. V. . The following will grow and grow if you just let it. My whole family are in stitches when we watch but also on the edge of our seats at some of the breathtaking, nerve wracking scenes that go towards making this new Phonix rise from the ashes. Keep this British institution going, it’s the best.

  17. The new show is way better and more entertaining than the earlier ‘ old white posh chaps chaos” version with the curly haired sirloin faced chief presenter – who is better suited ,despite his lack of education ,taking the questioners chair on millionaire

  18. We watch TG mainly out of a sense of duty but it fails to satisfy and 5th gear is miles better. We call Paddy ‘Shouty McShout-Face’, Fred can’t drive and Chris (the only proper driver with genuine car knowledge) is treated badly by the other two. The supposed personal ‘chemistry’ is heavily scripted and often painful to watch. It’s like watching a dear friend slowly dying of a wasting disease.

  19. Top Gear now is as good as it’s ever been, genuinely laugh out loud. Chris, Freddie and Paddy are a great combination.

  20. Without Jeremy Clarkson and co I NEVER WATCH IT ANYMORE. I’m not a car person at all but they made them interesting and I loved the banter between the 3. They WERE THE ONLY REASON I watched it.

  21. For a corporation that fired Jezza, they aren’t too shy to show so many repeats of the old shows, if he was such a monster to get fired, then take him and the repeats off air permanently. New show o k if nothing else to do, but no comparison to the old one.

  22. Top Gear ended in 2015. The fact that the discredited Loony Leftie BBC created a lame tribute act doesn’t make me want to watch it. I stopped watching it after The Three Amigos left their show. And I now watch them on their new show.

  23. So the rumours are true? Top Gear didn’t end after they fired Mr. Clarkson and is still airing with a new trio of presenters?

  24. It just doesn’t work at all and I never watch it anymore, in fact a lot of it is embarrassing trying to replicate the old show.

  25. No way, top gear is only with his father’s, they tried to copy JC RH JM, guess it blows and fans are tired of that

  26. Clarkson sure makes me laugh however he ain’t got the monopoly on it ! the new top gear is just as funny if not funnier than when he was on He needs to grow up & not be a dick, let it go.

  27. I cannot abide Paddy McGuiness so I haven’t watched it since he arrived. Everything became a bit too contrived after May, Hammond, and Clarkson left.

  28. NEW top gear was destined to fail!
    The new presenters need the sort of genuine friendship displayed by Clarkson and co.
    Faked friendship shows through and you can see there’s no natural chemistry.
    It’s a great show but presenters should have been fazed in while the original crew were still on the show.
    Cut your losses beeb!
    Easy solution!
    Make an entirely new car show with presenters whom know each other off screen and stop trying to copy the original top gear!

  29. who exactly is warming up to it? It’s a hot mess, a joke, a repugnant shell of it’s once former glory, a mess. No thanks, won’t waste 1 nano-second further of my life on that junk.

  30. I prefer the new Top Gear. It is more fun and funnier than the stale 3 Stooges. No more casual racism and the we are bigger than the show attitude.

  31. Flintoff is a lot like Clarkson. He has no filter, could not care less about political correctness and can make almost anything entertaining. I will at least give it a watch.

  32. Flintoff, McGuiness, Harris combo works quite well as 2 idiots and a motoring journalist having the P taken out of him. Flintoffs lack of fear will unfortunately probably end badly.Paddy has a history with car programs previously.

  33. I can’t abide McGuinness on the new Top Gear I’m afraid. He’s making the Chris Evans mistake of making it all about him.

  34. They are a bunch of wannabes, don’t watch them ,they irritate me , time for a new batch of hosts. Lets face it May, Hammond and Clarkson were the best , still watch reruns

  35. I like Jeremy and co, but I also enjoy the new guys on top gear. At least there’s more than one episode in 2 years

  36. Top gear was only top gear because of
    Jeremy Clarkson
    Richard Hammond
    James May. No one will ever fill there shoes!!! We need more grand tour!!!! Now I will say one thing. The origanal top gear America was pretty good with Adam Ferrara
    Tanner Foust
    Rutledge Wood. And I think it was as close to the iconic top gear as anyone would ever get. But that’s just my 2 cents.

  37. I actually like the new Top Gear. It is a lot funnier and more entertaining to watch. C,H and M were getting predictive and repetitive so it was time to move on anyway.
    The new Top Gear is good.

  38. Top Gear used to be one of those programs I was mortified if I missed
    However with all the reboots jump starts or whatever you like to call it I have tried to watch it but I watch TV to relax and for entertainment and I found all of the new top is is somewhat painful in some vain attempt to imitate the old threesome which was incredibly painful to watch so I no longer watch it
    The BBC should’ve just scrap the whole program and started a whole new program which is not based on the old Top Gear I think it’s awful what the BBC have done what’s the new one

  39. Never have watched it the new top ger ever since Clarkson and Co left the necessary, have watched repeats on channel Dave many times and still enjoy it very much . Ken Harman

  40. Never watched the Chris Evans version, watched one or two of the Matt LeBlanc version, watched one or two if the Flintoff version. I still watch the old Top-Gear every time it is on, my TV box is set to record them all, also watch TGT though it was quite variable initially the current ‘special’ format is where they are best. Top Gear died in 2015.

  41. Top gear was like a comfy pair of slippers you get used too .You buy the same brand of to replace the old one’s but there not the same.

  42. At least we get a good few episodes a year, it’s clearly following in the footsteps of Jezza’s TG, and it’s taken a while to get the presenters dynamic right, but I like it. And it’s better than the dries Hammond and May have recently trotted out, can’t comment on Jezza’s WWTBAM, never watched it.

  43. I have hundreds of Top Gear episodes since a kid in the early 90s the original top gear and new format in 2001 for 22 seasons with Clarkson and the other 2 HOWEVER I have never watched a episode of Top Gear since they left, and only watch the Grand Tour! The new host are crap and no nothing, while the Grand Tour is A MASSIVE Success story!

  44. I have absolutely no interest in watching the new Top Gear while Flintoff and McGuinness are the presenters

  45. I think it’s still watchable and the presenters had a hard act to follow and have done well!
    Keep it up 👍

  46. The fact that two of the presenters can’t drive and the central figure can only shout a lot leaves me turned off. The old Top Gear worked because the three presenters knew their cars. The current bunch are only really interested in toilet humour.

  47. By continuing show with new presenters BBC wanted to show, that previous presenters and especially Clarkson were not that important to the show, that show and BBC can do well without them. But it’s not the case. As Pink Panther movies are not the same and even worth watching without Peter Sellers, same applies to Top Gear.

  48. I like Jeremy but he deserved to get fired for punching that guy in the face and he should say he made a mistake and he’s sorry.

  49. Love the new top gear, it’s brought a breath of fresh air to a tired old show, it’s now the best it’s ever been.
    Jeremy Clarkson can do his own thing for amazon but its simply not as good as the new top gear.

  50. As soon as may hamster and Clarkson went I thought I give it a go. Waste of time there doing the old stuff. It seriously need cancelling its a waste of money there’s no spark now

  51. Topgear without clarkson is rubbish nothing about actual cars just 3 prats larking around.

  52. The new Top Gear missed the point. It was never a show about cars. It was a show about three mates who love cars. Putting some random blokes together and praying was never going to work.

  53. Clarkson, Hammond and May are 3 amazing, talented, hilarious, brilliant men, and as for the new Top Gear, it is absolute shit. It doesn’t matter for me whether they are together on the Grand Tour or on other shows as presenters, I could listen and watch them all day, I think they are incredible, keep up the great work

  54. I’ve watched a couple of episodes of the newish Top Gear and it honestly lost its personality. I couldn’t even go a full episode without getting bored by it. Clarkson, Hammond and May gave Top gear its personality and its excitement, which is why when the Grand Tour came out, I followed that along with the trio I love.

  55. Mr. Beezos and Mr. Willman, this show is the only reason I pay for Amazon Prime. I have since watched the Tick and Mrs Maisel as a result of my Prime purchase. When Jeremy cried I almost cancelled my subscription. Please keep this show going.

  56. I agree.. The new top gear is complete rubbish.. BBC chose the most obnoxious and irritating presenters. But whoever you put were doomed to fail. The boys are simply irreplaceable. The Beeb would have been better off cancelling it all together

  57. I tried one episode. I couldn’t get past Chris Evans. It just wasn’t the same. The big three made it what it wad, and thus was a farce. I

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