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Jeremy Clarkson Used In Tesla Autopilot Test In New Video

Most people’s favorite Grand Tour host, Jeremy Clarkson, was recently used in a video test of the new best car… “in the world,” a Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Driver, a youtuber from the UK, who regularly tests the accident-avoiding chops of his Tesla’s HW3 Autopilot. Fortunately for us, he featured Jezza in his most recent video, albeit propped up by a bag of coal.

Even though it was a cardboard cut-out facsimile, Tesla Driver points out that the Clarkson prop was “the cheapest” 6′ man available at the store. That tells me that we as fans are falling short, and not creating sufficient demand for the Jeremy Clarkson cut-out market.

Regardless, between Clarkson and a penguin, Tesla Driver had adequate samples for his test. The new software update on his car would follow cones, and stop short of flattening any “people.”

It did recognize Clarkson as a human, and show a visualization on the screen. The penguin, on the other hand, came across as a traffic cone more often than not. Either way, the car responded well to the lane being diverted by cones, and an unexpected obstacle in its path.

Tesla’s most recent update also allows the Autopilot to traverse stop signs and traffic lights, prompting drivers to validate moves through intersections. Although, if someone is in early-access mode, they can occasionally go through traffic lights without approving, if there is a lead car for Autopilot to follow.

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