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Motorcycle and Bicycle Collide Resulting in Ridiculous Confrontation Video

In a recent Youtube video, we are treated to quite the confrontation, after a bicycle bumps into a Kawasaki Ninja 250, and the two bikers can’t come to terms about who’s at fault. As a strictly four-wheel vehicle man myself, this is the quintessential case of “everyone sucks here,” but someone has to be more at fault.

We see things through the perspective of the motorcycle’s helmet cam, as he nods at another biker, and then is passed by the bicycle in question. Once the traffic light they are stopped at turns green, the Kawasaki takes off, quickly catching up to the pedal bike. That’s when the bicycle turns into the motorcycle, and flies head over heels.

It’s Canada we are looking at in this video, so they could have different traffic laws, especially one about “passing on the right,” which I’ve seen referenced. However, the bicycle does appear to be breaking more laws than the motorcycle here. He not only runs a read light, but he also turns right without signaling, and switches lanes all willy-nilly.

Either way, the aggro-tension in this scene really embodies why bikers catch so much hate. They drive around on vehicles that put them at higher risk of accident, and then act all holier-than-thou when they can’t handle their special needs circumstances.

What would we do if not for helmet cameras, which catch these silly two-wheeled accidents? I’d love to get your takes on who you’d side with in the comments.

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