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Driver Game Is Being Remade Into A Live-Action Series

When Netflix revealed the Witcher series with Henry Cavill as Geralt, I didn’t have high hopes. But then I watched it, and I realised I was entirely wrong. Now, Ubisoft is making a live-action series based on the game Driver, a game that a lot of us grew up with on the original Playstation. It sounds like it could be awful, but I have so much hope for it.

Driver followed a racing driver turned NYPD detective who goes undercover as a getaway driver in order to take down a rime syndicate. The run of games were simply brilliant, with it originally competing with Grand Theft Auto until it was aggressively overtaken by Rockstar Games. After a few not-so-good games, the Driver series came to an end in 2011 in Driver: San Francisco. It was a weird game where you were actually in a dream and you could fly into anyone else’s car and take over their body.

It received averagely good reviews, but that’s over ten years old now. So why the series now? Especially after a new Driver game did actually get the free light, but found itself changing paths and becoming the Watch Dogs series. Well, it’s possible that a revival of the gaming series may be on the cards, and that they’re using this as a way to poke their toes into the water to see what bites.

Where can you watch it? A new streaming site called is set to go live in 2022, and it will be there alongside a number of other similar series. They say it’s for  “original series and shows created for gaming fans.” Niche…

“Our mission at Ubisoft is to bring our games to life in new and exciting ways and create content set in the world, culture, and community of gaming,” Ubisoft film and television head of TV development Danielle Kreinik said. “Working with Binge will allow us to bring a Driver series directly to the audience who is most passionate about seeing this franchise come to life.”

We’ll be very interested to see what it’s like, but I hope it’s good enough to please my inner child.

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