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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Emily Turned Down Love Island Offer: “I’d Die At The Thought Of My Parents Watching Me Having S*x”

Emily Clarkson, daughter of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm presenter Jeremy Clarkson, has turned down an offer to be on the popular ITV show Love Island. Emily revealed that she was invited onto the show, but worried that she was going to be “an easy target with my stomach rolls and heat rash”, as well as potentially caught in compromising positions.

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She wrote the following in a column:

“I’m not perfect – and I’d be an easy target with my stomach rolls and heat rash.

“I think I’d make it all too real. And this is why, I suspect, the show will never change. And who wants to be the first to make that change?

“At the end of the day, it’s a look-based show. And I got picked last for sports teams enough times to know the humiliation of not being chosen.

“That’s not something I want to relive in front of the ruthless British public.”

She’s currently engaged to long-term boyfriend Alex Andrew, a former member of Dublin boyband, Taken. But when she was offered a space on Love Island last year, the production team insisted that she’d break up with him.

She continued: “Not even because I’d die at the thought of my parents watching me having s*x.”

Emily isn’t following her father Jeremy’s career path into the motoring world, with her instead pursuing a career as a writer and journalist fighting for women’s rights while also shedding light on the reality behind social media. It’s an incredibly noble thing to do and we respect her highly for it.

For example, she dedicates her Instagram posts to educating her followers on how a stereotypical ‘good body’ can be faked using simple apps. One of her latest posts shows this clearly, as she jokes about an editing app curing her hangover: 

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