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Did you know: Jeremy Clarkson was a Video Game Journalist Before

We all know and love Jeremy Clarkson as the host of our favorite motoring shows and creator of controversies, but apparently in a past life, he also was a video game journalist. This comes of great interest to me since I was (and still am to a slight degree) a video game journalist!

I cannot picture Jeremy talking about games at all, much less writing about them in a professional capacity. But as this YouTube quite clearly shows (thanks to Reddit user r/Hav3_YOu_M3t_T3d for the tip), Jeremy was a writer for Amstrad Computer User when he was a fresh faced 27 year with a FRESH afro.

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This was well before Top Gear was a thing, and at this point Clarkson was mostly writing vehicle road tests for local newspapers and car magazines. When getting the gig for writing about games, Jeremy actually went out and bought himself an Amstrad CPC.

Jeremy’s first article was entitled “Ballgames” which was supposed to be a review of Ball Breaker, Arkanoid, and Krakout, but instead ended up being mostly a look back at Jeremy’s gambling addiction and his lack of skill at real life sports. I know, I’m just as confused as you. He does eventually talk about the games, however (he liked Arkanoid the best).

You need to check out the video for yourself. Jeremy has apparently reviewed not only arcade puzzle games, but also fighting games. Jezza was commissioned for a third, but apparently never submitted it, and thus ends the brief career of Jeremy Clarkson as a game reviewer.

The weird thing is, I can SO see him reviewing games poorly and can totally hear his voice in my head when reading the samples.

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