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Jeremy Complains About Girlfriend Lisa Hogan In Hilarious Video

Jeremy Clarkson has been posting lots of videos from his Diddly Squat Farm over lockdown, but this recent video from The Grand Tour presenter really had us giggling.

The short video opens with Lisa Hogan, Clarkson’s girlfriend, getting out of a very dirty Range Rover. The ex-Top Gear presenter is behind the camera, and while looking at his smiling girlfriend wearing a Diddly Squat T-shirt, he complains about how dirty is car own.

“Answer me a simple question: how does she get the car that dirty, but manages to keep her Diddly Squat t-shirt, available online now, that clean?” he asks.

Lisa gives him a humorous nod as she walks past him holding a box.

A previous column from Clarkson had him complaining about going shopping with girlfriend Lisa Hogan.

“I’ve often said that nothing in life is as awful as trying on trousers.

“Hat shopping with a girlfriend, having a prostate exam, listening to The Archers, all of them are walks in the park compared with the misery of going into a hot, cramped room to try on a pair of strides, knowing full well that the pair with the 32in waist that you’ve selected will have been given the wrong label and that you’ll need a 36 instead.

“It’s the lowest point in a man’s life. Except it isn’t.”

Clarkson’s fears of shopping have grown however when Lisa took him to shop for his home.

“Being dragged to London to spend a day choosing what sort of flush handle you’d like on your lavatory is worse.

“There are millions of options, and when you’ve made a selection, you’re told to choose which one of the 118 chemical elements you’d like it to be made from. Rhodium? Cobalt? Tin?

“You’re then told that you need to go through the whole process again with the towel rails and the taps and shower heads, and after a while you realise that it’s all pointless, because in all your years you’ve never once been to someone’s house and thought, ‘What a lovely bog-roll holder.’”

“The fact is, they don’t matter. A bent coat hanger would do the job just as well,” Jeremy explained in his column for The Sunday Times.

He and Lisa have been in a relationship since 2017, and seem to be getting on very well together as they’re plunged into lockdown.

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