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Lisa Hogan Opens Up About Relationship With Jeremy Clarkson: “Everyone Says I’ve Tamed Him”

49-year-old Lisa Hogan has opened up about her five-year relationship with Jeremy Clarkson, revealing how they met each other for the first time and how it has been since. Despite being thirteen years younger, she reveals that Jeremy is more energetic than her.

The Irish model and Jeremy met at a party in 2017. Just as Jeremy was about to leave the party, a mutual friend introduced the two of them. She then managed to persuade Jeremy to stay a little longer. They both chatted for quite some time and things got off to a good start!

She knew Jeremy was a good conversationalist since he is “bright.” However, she did not allow his on-screen reputation and other controversies to come in the way of them. “I don’t relate him to the person who’s on TV, because it’s not him.” said Lisa.

Lisa revealed that she wasn’t into Top Gear but, she did watch it once with her son who stayed up late to watch the show on Sundays. “There was one episode I caught that was amazing – the one with a Toyota pick-up truck that they were trying to kill and it just wouldn’t die. But otherwise, no, it wasn’t my thing.” Lisa was referring to Episode 2 from Series 3 of ‘Old Top Gear’.

She divorced her ex-husband, Baron Steven Bentinck, in 2011, ending their 30-year-long marriage. Naturally, she doesn’t want to rush into anything new and feels there’s no need to tie the knot again. She also said she didn’t want to have children with Jeremy as they’re “happy pootling along”.

“I think because of our age, it’s much easier. You go: ‘God, is it you I end up with? OK, that’s it,’”

She jokingly said that she was still waiting for the moment when she realised that she fancied Jeremy. Yikes!

Lisa then talks about what she likes the most about him:

“I had given myself three months, but it was way before that, where I thought: OK, I really like this person. He has a laser brain and will take you down – and that’s where the fun and the challenge is with him, trying to take him down.”

Though she wanted to live in London quite badly, Jeremy persuaded her to leave the glamorous city and move to the Cotswolds to help manage his farm. And she did well. Working with Jeremy is like puppy training, Lisa describes.

 “I’m a huge, huge support. And I like being a support. But he has to appreciate it in return. He’s learned – it’s like puppy training.”

Jeremy once joked that Lisa was good at rolling her eyes at his moronic ideas, and that was her main job on Clarkson’s farm. When asked if the show was scripted, she said:

“That’s very genuine. Literally. No (I never ask them to stop filming or take stuff out).

It’s true. We don’t really row that much, but when we’re on camera, he can’t talk over me as it messes with the recording, so I can get him,” she says with a glint in her piercing blue eyes.”

Lisa then goes on to talk about the understanding that has developed between the two.

“We do have a really good relationship. Jeremy definitely wears the trousers, but I’d like to think it’s fairly even, to be honest. He doesn’t want to make me unhappy and I don’t want to make him unhappy. So there’s a kind of balance there. I do enjoy being a strong woman.”

“He’ll say he wants something done and I’ll try to talk him around to a more sensible way. And then I’ll agree to do exactly what he wants… And then I’ll go ahead and do exactly what I want!”

“I don’t know (if I’ve tamed him), because I didn’t know him before. Everyone says that (I have). I do get a lot of compliments. And I don’t really know what it means…”

Despite being much younger, Lisa feels old when working with Jeremy.

“I feel like a sloth going out with him. He’s 10 years older than I am. I’ve got quite good energy levels, but his energy and his capacity to just get things done is just unbelievable.” She told the Sun

Having finished their dream mansion on the outskirts of the farm, she finally got some space as they both lived in a cottage during the lockdown.

“It’s nice being here (in the big house), because when we had the cottage I had nowhere to go. I wanted to literally just sit there (alone) and it just wasn’t possible.”

“I do have to escape every now and again with my computer and just do some emails quietly. And he’ll come find me and I love that. He’s extraordinary. He’s never dull.”

Jeremy and Lisa Hogan also started two new businesses recently to accompany his farming career. Named ‘Curdle Hill Juice’ and ‘Curdle Hill Wholesale’. It is unknown what these businesses are selling, but we assume they’re related to the produce from the farm.

What this looks and feels like is a matured and fun relationship. We’re happy for Jeremy that he’s found the woman who is a contributor to his success and most importantly, one who understands him. As for Lisa, we’re happy she found her calling in the countryside that keeps her on her toes.





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