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The Grand Tour Episode 13 Social Media Reactions – Dubai Shootout

Can you believe we’re here already? It really didn’t seem like all that long ago when we were all watching the series premiere of The Grand Tour, and yet here we are, finishing up Episode 13 and knowing there will be nothing new from here on out (until Season 2, that is). It’s a sad day indeed.

In the final episode of the season, we got a Golf GTI vs BMW i3 showdown, an appearance from Roger Daltrey (The Who is one of my favorite bands), some winching, a rather spectacular “death” of Daniel Ricciardo, a Bugatti Veyron vs Porsche 918 race, and a drifting lesson with Hammond, who apparently only did it on the old show via some trickery.

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So, how was the episode received by social media around the globe? Look no further!


Once again The Grand Tour delivers excellent cinematography in Dubai from thegrandtour

Did you guys catch that sneaky shot of Top Gear offices in the Golf vs i3 film? from thegrandtour

A Genuine Question: What is the point of moving the tent if they aren’t going to have a local theme to their show? from thegrandtour

Nissan Patrol of the finale explained from thegrandtour

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  1. There is one thing that caught my eye in the finale. When Hammond is learning to drift in the BMW M4 at the Michelin test track, why does the M4 have a Porsche GT3 RS seat? Seems a bit weird

  2. I truly don’t mind Celebrity Braincrash because it helps break up the conversation. When Brian Johnson came on in Nashville, I was excited! I was hoping to see him later in the audience when we taped this episode, but didn’t see him in the tent. I don’t know how that works. Are they paid to show?

    It won’t be long now before they start filming again. Judging by some of the taped episodes, it looks like they start as early as March and go through early September before taking the tent on the road through early December. What a great honor it was to have been in that audience, and yes, an Alfa is a pornstars and astronauts car as I said because the motor rocks and it’s a tight squeeze! A double entendres!

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