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Remembering The Grand Tour’s Last Episode Before The Madagascar Special Is Released

The era of the tent, live audience, and the test track is over but the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May return for The Grand Tour Series 4 Seamen. For the pilot episode of the show’s new format, the boys found wonderful scenes, few learnings, and perhaps some mishaps.

For The Grand Tour Series 4 Seamen: Episode 1, the show immediately spelled differently when Clarkson, Hammond, and May were instructed to buy boats. You have read it right cause cars are out, boats are in, atleast for now. Ofcourse Clarkson, Hammond, and May grumbled about a car show showing off boats instead.

After the boys have seen the boat, they have an idea where they are headed off. The challenge is to sail from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Vung Tau in Vietnam through the waterways. The trio will pass through the iconic Mekong River. Part of the adventure is the test of their focus and sense of navigation as they have to stay on track or they will be lead to the sea which is potentially dangerous for them.

The trio shortly bumped into a problem when the point where they were supposed to meet has no water due to the rainy season coming in late. The trio has to pedal themselves to search for a starting point.

After deciding on the starting point, the trio immediately works on the boats they will use. The boats speak the individuality and styles of each of the boys. Despite probably looking too ridiculous, Hammond sailed out on a Miami Vice inspired boat. May channeled a 1930’s pleasure craft while Clarkson picked a “controversial” boat — the one inspired by the US Army during the Vietnam war. 

As the rain poured in, the trio competes against each other as who can navigate the waters the best – or the lack of it. Mishaps after mishaps piled up as the trio displayed their inexperience in parking their boats.

The hard-luck continue to swarm in even the trio were out the waters in The Grand Tour Series 4 Seaman. They have just checked in probably one of the worst in their lives with the boys sleeping below a roaring generator and a bar with the blasting sound system. The lack of good sleep did not stop Clarkson and Hammond from releasing the beast in their boats. On the other hand, May sails steadily.

The boys were met with breakdowns and several off-track leading to a wrong turn to a tidal canal. Once back on the right track, the boys struggled against nature and an unfortunate bout with a shipping line. Ultimately though, they arrived at their destination. It was memorable for Clarkson, Hammond, May, and the rest of the team as well.

The Grand Tour Series 4 Seamen is definitely a refresher of the show’s long repetitive studio format. Watch The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video.

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