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Richard Hammond Returns To Instagram After Long Hiatus To Entertain Us During COVID-19

Richard Hammond has been absent from Instagram since his very first post in 2016, which seems to have taken place in the DriveTribe office back at the very inception of the company. Since then, almost four years have passed, and now the UK has been dropped into lockdown. So, obviously, he thought this would be the perfect time to refresh his Instagram chops and do something to entertain us.

“Hi Instagram. After a brief – well, long – pause from posting here, I’m back. Why now? I hear you all cry. Well, I’m at home for obvious reasons and I thought I could try my best to entertain you. I’ll be making a few little videos, some on here and some over on @drivetribe , so stay tuned and let me know what you’d like to see. R”

What are we expecting to see, then? Well, let’s hope a lot of behind the scenes insight into the next episode of The Grand Tour, plus his own projects under Chimp Productions. And there’s no point in having such a huge collection of cars if you can’t share the love with people, so expect a lot of cars, bikes, and engines. Oh, and maybe the odd Tesla Model X which he seems to have gotten his hands on.

As we reported, The Grand Tour filming has come to a halt, as restrictions on international movement became more strict. Now, the presenters are facing three weeks at least of lockdown stopping anything further in its tracks. Jeremy Clarson reacted how a lot of us did on Twitter:

But don’t worry, Clarkson will still be working…

Being a farmer and a journalist, Clarkson remains a key worker of the country and therefore must continue work.

We’re all doomed.

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