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Richard Hammond Reveals New Health Issue Days Before Next Grand Tour Episode

The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond has spoken about his vertigo battle and an inelegant moment at the top of a ridge where he suddenly started suffering from vertigo. This is the first time fans have heard that Richard suffers from this, and will be surprised to find out.

Sensations of spinning, known as vertigo, can make you feel off-kilter and unstable enough to affect your balance. It’s more than simply being dizzy. And now Richard has spoken to Radio Times about his experiences.

He told the outlet: “I had to walk around the edge of a crag yesterday and vertigo hit, which it does sometimes.”

At this point, Richard then realised he was being watched by the public before trying to talk himself out of how he was feeling:

“I was giving myself a stern talking to – ‘Come on, Richard, you’re not going to fall over the edge’ – when I looked up and realised there were two people coming down off the peak.”

The ex-Top Gear presenter admitted that he felt “embarrassed”, and “pretended not to be scared”, but he added that people probably saw through this facade:


“They must have thought, ‘What is this funny little man chuntering to himself about?!'”

Richard Hammond will return to screens alongside fellow presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May for the second instalment of The Grand Tour’s lockdown specials. Set in Wales, the trio explores the world of french cars in an episode named Carnage A Trois.

Watch the trailer below:

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  1. feel bad for you Richard have had this for years . To many head injuries 2 comas mnumerous concussions and a fe siezures vertigo sucks hope your better soon . And good luck with your shop

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