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Richard Hammond Complains About Safety During New Show ‘Big’

The Grand Tour presenter has complained about the amount of safety gear he has to wear during his new show Richard Hammond’s Big.

Hammond shouldn’t be the type of person to complain about safety after his what seems to be endless relationship with getting into trouble. It started during Top Gear with a jet-powered drag car. Thanks to a tyre blowing, the vehicle launched itself off the track at high speeds. Veering to the side, it spun and Hammond was injured suffering brain damage and lasting effects.

More recently, during The Grand Tour, Hammond flung a Rimac Concept One off the side of a Swiss hillclimb course. The car was written off and he escaped the all-electric supercar just before it burst into flames. He fractured his knee as a result of this accident.

Now, with his new show edging closer to a February release, he can be seen in a video he posted to Facebook complaining about the sheer amount of safety gear he has to wear. This includes a very bright and reflective jacket with matching trousers, a hard hat, and a pair of snazzy gloves.

“One of the things I never thought through when I set out to make this show was, than when you’re looking at big stuff you have to put on, you know, safety gear. Dressing up,” he says to the camera.

“This particular get up pretty much takes the biscuit.

:There’s a lot of man-made fibres, I am a fire hazard. I’m visible but heating up rapidly, and these gloves are, well, they’re sleeping bags.

Another day another hard hat.”

Richard Hammond’s Big starts tonight, January 15th on the Discovery Channel.

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