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Should The Grand Tour Season 4 Have Motorbike Reviews?

It’s no secret that both Hammond and May are fanatics of the two-wheeled car alternative – the motorbike. In fact, both presenters were keen to make a video of them reviewing a motorcycle for their website, but for some reason, we can only find this bootlegged copy on YouTube. While hilarious, it’s not the best of quality so we apologise for that.

This brings us onto the main question of this piece. With all the extra time made from cutting out the studio segments of the future Grand Tour, do we want some motorcycle reviews squeezed in at some point?

Motorbikes aren’t something we hear about on The Grand Tour, despite how May got a speeding ticket of course. So maybe we should add some two-wheel goodness into these upcoming specials? Think TopGear’s Vietnam Special. That was a great episode and a favourite for a lot of fans. Here’s a clip just for those who are now craving a bit of Clarkson struggling on a bike in a bright purple suit.

Let us know in the comments if you want to see Clarkson take on a bike again!

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  1. Only if Clarkson lights it on fire, halfway through the review, every time. Motorcycle reviews would go over about as well as “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” did internationally.

  2. Absolutely! Please do bike reviews. Still the best episode of Top Gear was when they went to Vietnam and bought Bikes instead of cars. So Good!

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