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Social Media Reactions to The Grand Tour Holiday Special

The holiday road trip specials were always my favorite part of Top Gear, and I’m pleased to see that tradition continue with The Grand Tour. Although the first half felt a bit short (clocking in at just over 45 minutes) and a good portion of it was just the boys driving around in circles, I still enjoyed it immensely and was genuinely in awe of the desert. That scuttled ship was especially cool, wasn’t it?

The second half definitely picked up the pace as the boys got to experience a far larger variety of terrain than just the sand of the beach and desert. In fact, they even took to the air at one point in a scene that made me clench up (I’m not a fan of heights).

Episode 7 featured some harrowing moments as the boys raced against time to avoid being caught between a briskly incoming tide and sand dunes that they couldn’t navigate, a massive freak out as Richard tumbled over a “cliff,” cooking fish on a radiator grill (a scene which will probably offend someone), and Jeremy’s V8 beach buggy overheating every mile. I can’t deny how breathtaking it was just to see them driving around the dunes. It was sort of like watching an episode of Planet Earth, but instead of majestic elephants walking about, it was three oafs trying to find a road.

The second half featured a lot more shenanigans as the boys tackled even rougher terrain, hunted some poachers, did some camping, and threw a rubber penis around. While the first half of the special was somewhat repetitive (as entertaining as it still was), the second half was vintage Clarkson, May, and Hammond. Also, we got to meet Giovanni.

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So how was the episode received by media outlets and fans around the globe? Look no further!


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  1. I’ve loved every episode so far, they never fail to amuse the hell out of me….. Long live the Grand Tour 😀 😀

  2. I think a lot of People are being a bit unfair on that Ep. I’ll grant you it wasn’t the Patagonia Special. But considering how badly that ended, and could have ended. I don’t think I can fault them for being a bit dull this time ’round. I almost hope they’ll go to China next year and test out the new Silk Road they are building down there. Or perhaps they could do an Austrian… Oops 🙂 Australian Episode. Since I don’t think they’ve been there yet.

  3. Speaking as a South African, and a former Rhodesian TV presenter, I couldn’t believe the utter pillockry of this trip. First, everywhere they went there were fresh tracks in the sand. Just too obvious that the camera crew had preceded them. The whole thing was so contrived……the only saving grace was the immense majesty of Namibia. Give one of us a shout next time – we’ll help!!

  4. The unholy trinity doing what they do best… Generally insulting each other and proving they are not the ones to represent mankind when aliens come a calling. More please…

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