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Richard Hammond Told To Sell His Cars During Argument With Council

The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond was told he should consider getting rid of his classic car collection by Scottish academic David Cheseldine. Hammond is planning to make a few more minor modifications to his mock castle on the Gloucestershire border to accommodate his collection of classics. 

David Cheseldine, who is a Learning Technologist for the School of Nursing at Dundee University, made these remarks after Hammond’s request to revamp an old barn was approved, saying enough is enough. Cheseldine is clearly on the side of historical preservation after the slight modifications of the castle. 

Cheseldine strongly objected to Hammond’s request of moving stable blocks to make way for a large barn to store his prized collection. After parts from his tractor were stolen, Hammond now wants to lock everything up tight at his new castle. This request was more than Mr. Cheseldine could take, prompting him to say the following:

“Mr Hammond needs to understand that structures like stable blocks are an established part of the landscape not “toys” to be razed when they are inconvenient…He has been allowed to change Bollitree Castle enough already.”

Cheseldine went on to say:

“He knew what it was when he bought it. Further applications for significant changes should not be granted. He is short of safe storage space. Has he considered the option of disposing of a small part of his vast collection of vehicles?”

It is still unclear at this time if Cheseldine was making a subtle pun at Hammond height when he said “He is short of safe storage space…” After all, the stable block conservationist is not very fond of Hamster.

Richard Hammond has still yet to publicly reply to Cheseldine’s request that he get rid of his car collection. The nursing technologist also said that Hammond should pay a significant amount of the cost for the new road works near Ross-on-Wye as a way of compensation.

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  1. Perhaps instead of selling his Vehicles, he should sell the grounds and castle, and relocate to a country that respects owners freedoms. I can suggest quite a few States within the United States that would welcome both Mr. Hammond and his car collection regardless of it’s size. Texas hill country, Virginia, Kentucky or Colorado.

  2. there are always those that can’t stand change. while i appreciate history… moving a stable block isn’t preservation. when you dictate what you can and can’t do on your property even historically significant property you cross a line. if you want it preserved perfectly… buy it yourself… and donate it.

  3. It’s really too bad people don’t mind their own business anymore. You don’t want someone to change a piece of property? Buy it yourself and don’t change it. A man’s home is his castle, sometimes more literally than others.

  4. Should stick to teaching Nursing and keep his nose out of things that have no affect on his life, especially as he lives 400 miles away in Dundee!

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