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The Grand Tour Fans Are Not Happy Over Two Episode Per Season News

Only a few days ago, Andy Wilman broke the news that The Grand Tour Season 4 will only consist of two episodes. This was not received well by fans who have expressed themselves candidly on our social sites and Reddit. They feel cheated, with many threatening to not continue with their Amazon subscriptions.

Top fan, Robert Markham says “Hang on, I love the guys, but two one hour episodes? That’s not enough to get my fix…”

The Grand Tour Season 4

Another top fan, Zach Childs, says: “Geez….. I would prefer more frequent episodes than to have every single episode be a “special” how is it going to be special if its all you do.

“You shouldn’t have to explain english and simple meaning to people but I guess you do.

“It won’t be a special if that’s all they do. Simple. Bad idea. Bad marketing. Hope it doesn’t bomb.”

jeremy clarkson season 4 ending

Understandably, fans are unhappy with the fact that they were made to believe that Season 4 was going to be full of special episodes. Instead, they’ve had their standard tent-based episodes taken away and have been left with only two specials which some believe they would have gotten anyway.

Todd Oliver says: “This isn’t a season. It’s two specials, and they used to do two specials. So what’s happened is they cut the show with exception of the two specials. At least own it.”

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Other fans are keen to express their disappointment, and question whether Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are just burnt out:

“While I am looking forward to watching those episodes, I also find this quite disappointing,” says Greg in a comment on our original article. “They really got it down to a science on what worked on the Old Top Gear.

“Personally, from what I saw on the last episode of season 3, I’m wondering if Jeremy is burned out doing this show. I agree I like the big adventures, but their driving around in cheap cars doing silly challenges was the best.”

I think it’s safe to say that The Grand Tour may need to think about the issues that fans are having with this new format. Yes, we know that Clarkson, Hammond and May each have their own solo projects coming soon, but people want to watch the dynamics between the three as they film together, not necessarily the individual talents, however good they are.

Let’s hope these two episodes that make up Season 4 are long. Two movies of The Grand Tour might just make up for a lack of episodes.

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  1. What’s that saying? Oh yeah if it ain’t broke, dont try to fix it! The show was perfect! What you’ve done now is piss a shit load of motor heads off, who all like the holy trinity of Clarkson,Hammond & May your going to tank the show and for what? An experiment? If yall wanting to do your own thing then do it, but dont tease us with two specials and try passing it off as a season.

  2. I’m going to cancel my amazon subscription if this is true and I feel completely cheated I mean how could they do this to us they basically got rid of the show

  3. It didnt seem like Jeremy, James and Richard were burnt out or ready to “retire”, as Jeremy was in tears talking in the season finale about the change in format.

    I think all TG/GT fans understand that the boys arent in thier 40’s anymore, but to all but cut the entire show under the guise of ‘giving us’ more specials is deceiving at best. Amazon attempted to win more subscriptions by falsely telling us we were getting 2 season’s of specials. Instead they cut all the content but 2 shows.

    Nothing against side projects, but Amazon seems to be trying to cash in on thier success by forcing them into solo shows instead of GT. Guessing they would rather have 3 shows to market than 1.

    Point being, dont take away content from us that WE PAY FOR under the false guise of giving us more special content. Really upset by this.

  4. You guys are a bunch of cry babys. I love the JJR TG and the Grand Tour. They are my all time favorite shows, and I have NOT WATCHED ONE SINGLE EPISODE of post Clarkson TG. Its more than a car show. They have given us a lot of great content. I bet 30 years from now they will probably make a movie about these guys and their crazy adventures haha. Everyone loves this show, but they have been doing this along time and they are still giving us one special, which are my fav episodes and probably the most difficult and demanding. Be grateful. Clarkson loved his show. They are all rich enough to retire, but the gave us the GT. Cut them some slack.

  5. If that’s the case, and it’s 100% true then Amazon can say goodbye to my money. Only subscribed to watch the grand tour, couldn’t even find anything of interest to watch besides the trio.

  6. Very disappointing, would have been nice for them to find replacements if they are getting old/tired etc. We might have warmed to their choices, then passed the baton over a period and shown up for cameos etc.
    To make us wait for this bad news after the ending bad news of last year, paying for a service many of us would not have signed up for without TGT as part of is basically an underhand insulting con.
    Amazon, well played but don’t expect loyalty after this from many.
    Prime delivery is good but your film selection is still lacking.
    Listen to the people and try and give them what they want, a proper alternative if the lads are tiring and want to wind down.
    Yes TG is a poor second choice, but is a choice you can pip if you play your cards right

  7. Dear GT, while it is obvious that you may be fatigued or sated with your job, it is also true that you have reached the absolute top. Health issues aside I honestly would prefer to see a tent with a conversation street and a few tests to having just a few “specials”. Your crowd is your strength, don’t you get it? You’re letting us down!

  8. To be fair..I’m the same age as Clarkson..and at this age banging yourself around in austere conditions with a long shooting schedule? And May with his bad back? I can understand the switch. I’m not happy but I do understand.

  9. Just two one hour episodes is sign that the show is burning out, soon just one then none… I’m like the rest of fans extremely disappointed & also just two episodes called one hour specials is a joke… Think I’ll just watch the earlier seasons re-runs….

  10. As an avid fan, I was also disappointed. I’ve followed them for years. And I was excited about the new style of Grand Tour of focusing on their epic trips. But 2 episodes a year can hardly be called a “season”, especially when one is expected around Christmas and the second months later. I understand they’re trying to fit production in around the boys’ new solo projects too, but instead of calling it “Season 4 of Grand Tour” just call them GT Specials. If this is the future of The Grand Tour then it effectively finaled at the end of season 3 and is over.

  11. WOW, a lot of great comments as well as heated ones. We started watching GT late…and had some catching up to do. Then turned to TG to get some more of the lads in. People are saying they all are old…DO YOU HEAR YOURSELVES? They aren’t old, and they’re all lucky enough to be doing something they all LOVE, working at something they LOVE. How many of us can say that? WE were all just lucky enough to be a part of it. That said, maybe they are tired, but frankly I don’t see it. I see a group of mates, Andy included, trying out things to keep up with changes. Do we like it? NO, NO, NO! Do we want the old TG back or the old GT back? YES, YES, YES! But sadly fans don’t run these things…we can only offer our opinions.
    So, here is mine, LOVE you guys AND the chemistry! The cars are great, but don’t we all tune in to see these lads? YES!!! If it’s just about the cars, then we would ALL just watch TG from the last season with the boys forward. And there are those that fit into both categories. As for me and mine, we’ll just keep watching over and over cuz the guys really are funny. Am I going to cancel my Amazon Prime over this? No. I just hope Andy comes up with more…….

  12. For those of you who are totally unaware. Jeremy has been doing Top Gear and The Grand Tour since 1988. Non stop. He’s been in the auto journalism industry since the 1970’s. The man is almost at retirement age and he’s EARNED that. I don’t want the show to go away, but to be angry at the is absurd. These guys have given us their lives for almost 20 years as a group, and Clarkson has given us 30+ years of his.

    I watch Top Gear every single day and I have since 2012. I’m not exageratting. Its the greatest show to ever Grace a television, but sadly hero’s get old and ride off into the sunset eventually

  13. If all we’re getting is two ‘specials’ then Im probably going to call it quits.
    Me, probably like the majority of fans, long for the old TG format.
    I like cars and the clever banter, Im not satisfied with these ‘specials’ as they call them, its usually all three in one car crossing a sweaty desert of some sort. I dont like that format… I want to see a ‘car’ program, where they drive/test ordinary cars that most of us plebs can afford and listen to them extract the urine from each other as they do it.. I must admit, I was skeptical when Jezza said at the last episode that the ‘format’ was going to change to ‘specials’, ie no conversation tree etc etc…. Looks like the end of an era – again.. Very sad..

  14. I guess there goes my Amazon prime subscription since i only joined it because if these guys.. very disappointing

  15. We should be happy with anything these guys give us. I am excited for any new season even if it’s only 2 episodes.

  16. Did anyone even watch the finale of S3? How JC was very upset of the change that will happen to S4? How he feels about losing the conversation with the people in the tent? Clearly, its not their decision but the people signing their paychecks

    1. I do hope that they do more than the 2 said episodes.. There isn’t any good car shows on the internet nor tv, sure the “newer” Top Gear is alright but it’s nothing compared to what the trio has done over the years.

  17. You people ever stop and think that consistant negative remarks will discourage the guys and make them quit altogether? Stop acting like a bunch of spoiled whiny children and be thankful for whatever they throw our way, it’s their show, their baby. I love these 3, hope they keep doing this as long as they can/want to. I appreciate it their work and effort.

  18. Bet it’s more too do with Amazon’s greed around money, must be expensive making these shows

  19. Young presenters are keen, inventive and resourceful… the “TGT three” are now too old, too rich and too famous to care about how they actually got there. I fear their best days may be behind them. Hire me, I’ll give them a few new ideas for TGT.

  20. I think everyone who is leaping to the conclusion that they’re not really interested anymore for whatever reason couldn’t be more wrong. We’re talking “giving an orangutan a makeover, dressing it like Donald Trump and letting it campaign with the slogan, “Make America Grapeape Again” levels of wrong.
    The bantering, silly challenges, etc. are all happening on Drivetribe. One of the nice things about DT is that they have brought hosts from other series aboard, like Edd China from Wheeler Dealers. It’s like having somewhere that links all of the motoring programmes the way Avengers & Justice League link their respective superhero universes. Think of Drivetribe as a sort of “extended Top Gear” universe.

    I don’t think Amazon ever wanted GT to last forever. The series is insanely expensive to produce and would still be insanely expensive if all 3 agreed to work for free. It’s very possible that Amazon wants to keep it around, make some specials for the fans but sees that its growth potential has plateaued. The growth potential is in the solo series.

    Obviously, I’d be thrilled if they just bought the rights to Top Gear and made it themselves but it’s kind of like being a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan. Love the classic series and most of the people involved found ways to continue what they were doing, eventually leading to the thing called Rifftrax. It’s kind of like what they used to do on MST3k but different. There was even a return of MST3k with new hosts while the originals are doing their “same but different” stuff.
    I never really thought about the parallels between those two series (MST/RT & TG/GT/Drivetribe) until I was writing this post.

  21. Really two episodes that was not my understanding when they made the announcement at the end os season three.Wilham put the nail in the coffin by shuting down the production company they had and allowing a subsidiary of BBC to produce.I will watch then closes my amazon prime account this is really a let down

  22. Might as well not bother at all.
    No doubt you are getting a truck load of cash for the 2 episodes so why bother doing more..
    If all future episodes are specials then theres not much special about them.

  23. I love these three guys and the thought of not seeing a show with the three of them, well quite frankly is heart breaking. I know its selfish of me but i never want it to end. As an English man living in the U.S.A its a taste of home for me. I love the fact that you dont have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy the show just ask my wife lol. At this point i will take what ever i can get.

  24. You only have prime because of The Grand Tour. Omg that’s funny in it’s self. Jesus grown men crying over a programme then go back to watching three guys on too gear who can’t talk properly and are doing the same old gags that May, Hamster and Clarkson have already done. Top Gear is for dead beats. The Grand Tour new episodes are suppose to be longer than an hour and cover alot. The last Season on TGT some thought was bad but I actually enjoyed it, you can’t please everyone and I for one still love TGT and I don’t just have Prime to watch the programme. Keep up the food work guys on the longer episodes as I am sure Amazon sees TGT as a serious profit making show and must have some great ideas or they wouldn’t be doing another Season. Give the old lads a chance…what have you got to lose !!!! And don’t say the subscription cost cuz that’s just sad if your moaning over paying for Prime. Jokers!!!!

    1. And you still find time out of your busy day, to moan and complain about something you don’t watch.

  25. So the game I bought on top of the subscription is a waste too then? Why tease us with an episode of the first two seasons in it too and then don’t do shit to continue? This is very bad marketing and amazon gets to look like money grabbing arseholes with this sort of behavior. I want to see all the episodes in the game from all the seasons and if this is all for the sake of cutting the other episodes out well at this point surely they’ve been filmed already and to then not stream them in order to keep people happy with their subscription is just bad business. I can understand when the team says at the end of a season that they are done but this really is taking the pish. And if I’m right that the entire season four is already filmed the oh boy what a waste of time and money to not air it! I mean we all know they’ve been filming between the release of seasons and not between episodes! Whoever thinks they make the program in the weeks it’s been aired better not hit their heads if they don’t want a forever echo!

  26. Instead of 2 specials, maybe they should have brought the seasons down to 7 or 8 episodes with 1 special. That would have gave them time to do there own projects and the fans would have been happy. But time moves on and I wish the boys nothing but the best and happiness!

    1. A sad end to a great run.

      Just wish they’d either choose new people to hand over to or just shut it down once for all instead of faffing about.

  27. Indeed. If they don’t want to do it, then shut it down. Don’t just dribble it out as it twists in the wind and slowly dies.

  28. I have Amazon Prime for one reason….to watch the Grand Tour, if it goes to only 2 episodes per season I WILL cancel Amazon Prime and I think many others will too…

  29. Think greed and burnout are at play. I’m not spending money on a season of Amazon for two shows no way

  30. You have got to be grateful they are doing 2 more episodes,I’m just happy they doing 2 instead of none,they have given me ( and the family) many years of entertainment and would love them to keep making car programmes but respect them if they decide to have a break or do the odd show.

    1. Non.I dont have to be grateful and I’m not. My subscription is up at the end of the month and I am NOT renewing it. They should be grateful I kept it for three seasons.

  31. The other two Lads are doing solo projects James and Richard but Jeremy Clarkson has moved on from The Grand Tour and Top Gear and Manhood for that matter he has bought a bicycle and become a vagitarian as someone who owns season 10 through 12 of Top Gear and eagerly await the first nine Seasons being released by the BBC and rabidly consumed the first season of The Grand Tour the second tour was kind of bland as if they were phoning it in and the third season was just sad I’m Supremely disappointed in what it has become…McGhee Out !

  32. This really is the end boys. It was a good run. Thanks for the laughs over so many years.. The “teamwork”, the challenges and the great cars.

    RIP TGT!

  33. I have to agree. A lot of fans feel short changed over this. Good job Top Gear seems to gaining some traction with Freddie et al. I love TGT but this really is a case of less is …. less. I only subscribed for this program. Personally I’ll cancel that and be satisfied with the new TG.

    1. OMG are you serious the new Top Gear is so pants I had to turn off Top Gear as there all just dossing around, the show isn’t about cars it’s about three people who have trouble communicating and there only doing the same as what the GT presenters were doing back in the early days of TG and making more of a balls up of it, Paddy is just pathetic and should make more jackpot balls commercials and Freddie OMG he is plain and simply a dead beat trying to present, all his programmes are rubbish.. I rather watch one episode of TGT than watch the whole series of the current TG.

  34. I payed for Amazon prime just to be able to continue watching these 3 guys because they actually work very well together it’s not a act. I am very disappointed in this news and not entirely sure if I’ll keep my subscription to Amazon prime. If Amazon actually reads these emails then they better take note because there could be a very large amount of money that goes away because of people not happy with what they are paying for .

    1. Saddened,that the producers have felt the need to cut the output to 2 specials for the next season. ” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” comes to mind.
      I have enjoyed watching all three seasons of the Grand Tour,and felt by season 3 then had fit the balance a dynamic spot on.
      Fans will remain loyal and committed to the Grand Tour, as long as you are giving VALUE.

      Amazon and , Wilman, DONT SHORT CHANGE THE VIEW!ER!!!

    2. I can not wait for their return! Couldn’t care less how they choose to reformat the show because that’s absolutely none of my business. I’m just excited for them to return and fall down a lot and laugh at each other and set things on fire and arse around in all manner of vehicles in all manner of places!

      Sed Ambitiose Stercora.

  35. Until this article I was under the impression it was going to be 4 2-hour specials split across a period of months. But only TWO episodes? That’s not even a mini-series, much less a season.

    And these solo projects stink of “I’m too tired to go gallavanting about anymore”. Fine. That’s perfectly reasonable for 3 guys who’ve beat themselves half to death over the last 20 years. But don’t pee on our shoes and tell us it’s raining just because you don’t have the nerve to call it quits.

    The writing is clearly on the wall. Solo projects, Wilman handing off to a new production company. And now fewer and shorter seasons… Just have the decency to tell us you’re exhausted, we’ll understand.

  36. Honestly, I feel bad for them. Seems like they are kind of done with the thing and ready to move on to something else in their lives, but the public is like, “Just shut up and dance for the people”. This horse still has some run left in it, and they’re going to squeeze it out if it kills them. I mean, Clarkson basically walks hunched over all episode, and James’s back is probably a mangled mess. For God’s sake, just be happy they didn’t throw in the towel and are still giving us content. 2 episodes is still way better than 0. And, old Top Gear has gotten a little better in the last couple seasons, so, if it angers you that much, you have options. 😉

  37. 2 episodes a season! Grand tour was the only reason I signed up with Prime. I was thinking about canceling due to finances being tight. This has made my decision easier.

  38. Has Mr. Clarkson finally bought his brown Volvo and will no longer be racing trains?Here’s the thing …we love Grand Tour and we love the lads. However…….fans do not own celebrities, their lives, OR their careers. So let’s all settle down and enjoy what they’ve already given us( counting the original Top Gear thats quite a lot) and look forward to more. Even if it isnt quite what we want
    By all means voice your opinion, but I dont think a boycott of Amazon is the answer.
    I do agree with the person who said that they can’t call them specials if that’s all we’re getting from the Grand Tour.
    And on that disappointing, (for us) news it’s back to the….well not back to the tent.

  39. Their just getting old. Sucks they cant keep up with regular filming. I guess i will be switching back to top gear and am rooting for those new guys. Rip Clarkson May and lil Hamster. Thanks for all the great memories. Take these old horses behind the barn and put them out of there misery. 2 episodes whatever this sucks bad.

  40. I for one understand totally the reasons behind the changes but I also heard that the episodes as someone called them are not infact an hour long but a hell of a lot longer. That is why they are special and that is why only two..that and think of this how long before the ideas run out? Plus they are no longer young men…I say bring them on and let’s judge the book before we rip the pages out.

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