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The Grand Tour Hosts Are Not a Fan of Balls

Ed Balls, for those of you unfamiliar, is a former participant on the U.K. reality show ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ Mr. Balls is also, possibly more notably and importantly a Labour Part and Co-operative Party politician in the U.K. who was a member of Parliament.

Being members of the U.K. themselves, it would seem, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May had something to say about the politician turned dancer, and none of it was very positive.


James May has said that Ed Balls is an “idiot”, and co-host Richard Hammond has said that he lacks the dignity for political leadership. James, who like myself, also does not watch U.K. dancing shows, had no idea Ed had been a contestant on the show, saying in regards to his participation, “What an idiot”, while Hammond dismissed Ed returning to politics saying, “Yeah because that is dignified, absolutely burdened with it.”


I’m sure much to James and Richards amusement, all four judges on the show gave Ed Balls the ax this week, removing him from the lineup. Jeremy Clarkson, who like his cohorts is not a fan of either the show or the man said, “I don’t watch the dancing thing and I’m not interested in Ed Balls, particularly.”

It would seem that our boys may have different tastes from one another in many regards, but on the idea of dancing reality shows and this specific politician, they all agree. I am happy to join them.

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Source: Irish Examiner

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