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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Richard Hammond Crashed During Filming Of Next Epsiode

In a recent interview with DriveTribe’s Mike Fernie, Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that Richard Hammond was involved in an accident during the filming of the next episode of The Grand Tour.

Before he discusses the next episode however, The Grand Tour presenter jokes that he’s been travelling extensively during the lockdown. Of course, to avoid any controversy, he confirms that he’s actually been on the farm, feeling “no pressure” to travel or have friends round to his farm.

“You can just grow face hair and do nothing,” he jokes.

On being asked about the beard and if he’s going to keep it, he confirms that it certainly won’t be staying. “Oh God no, this is coming off on Sunday,

“It was a project, it was something to do.

“Some people learn how to make sour dough, some people have bene learning french, I thought ‘I’ll grow a beard and see what it’s like to be a socialist’.

“I don’t like it, it’s coming off,” he confirms.

Later in the interview, he confirms that he’s seen the first cut of The Grand Tour Scotland special, that was recorded late last year. “I’ve seen the first cut of that,” he says. “It’s like… unplugged.

“I’d say it’s Clarkson, Hamond and May ‘Unplugged’.


He continues to explain the episode and what it could entail.

“So because we’re not abroad, because we’re not dealing with extreme heat or extreme cold or extreme terrain really.

“It’s like us three are doing what we did do years and years and years ago, where we’re sort of in England, well, it’s not England it’s Scotland, but in Britain, and it’s a bit cold and it rains a lot.

“And also, there is an interesting point which is why didn’t we ever buy American cars.”

But as he realises we’re looking for headlines in this interview, he admits something we’d been wondering for a while after hearing plenty of rumours.

“Yeah, Hammond has an accident. That’s what you want to hear,” he admits. “So Hammond has an accident, May tried to be interesting which is hilarious, it’s a fun program.

“It’s good, I think a lot of people will like Scotland.”

We’re really looking forward to the Scotland Special being aired hopefully later this week. And if you’re as excited as we are, you can find our full guide on everything we know about the special by clicking here.

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