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Jeremy Clarkson Confirms His New Farm Show Is Finished: “It’s Like Nothing I’ve Done Before”

Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed to DriveTribe that his new farm show, expected to be named I Bought The Farm, has completed filming.

Talking to DriveTribe’s Mike Fernie, The Grand Tour gives fans an update on his new farming show which he’s been working on for over a year now. The show promises to look into the real life of a farmer as Clarkson is faced with the challenges of running a successful farm and farm shop at his own farm, Diddly Squat Farm.

“Yep, farm show is done,” the ex-Top Gear presenter confirms. “I’m looking forward to people’s reactions to that.

“It’s like nothing I’ve done before, it’s genteel, it’s quiet, nobody falls over, nobody catches fire, nobody explodes, it’s a quiet genteel look at how faming is done and how I react to it.

“It’s a nice program I think, I think people will go, ‘that’s a nice program’, and there are some amazing facts about farming.”

Clarkson has previously teased that he believes that this new show will be released by Amazon Prime in June, but this is yet to be confirmed by Amazon or Jeremy in more than a tweet.

In a recent column, Clarkson has complained about regulations surrounding the movement of water, and how the effects of heavy rainfall has been “catastrophic” for his farm.

He also teased that in the next special episode of The Grand Tour, Richard Hammond crashed in what he describes as being an “unplugged” episode of the popular Amazon car show.

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