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The Grand Tour Official Trailer Breakdown: Where Have You Seen This Before?

Once again, The Grand Tour has treated us to another glimpse at their highly anticipated show, and we couldn’t be any happier with what we saw. We wanted to continue our tradition of breaking down the video and tying them back to all the social clues the boys and Amazon have been giving us, so without further adieu, here . . . . we . . . .go:

By the way, if you have yet to see the trailer, first slap yourself and then click below to catch up with everyone:

French Track


Mr. May in a Sling


Where have we seen this?

The boys have been very hush hush about what happened to James. Car crash? Mugged on set? Jeremy and Hammond beat him? We aren’t sure but back in late July we saw this Tweet from Richard giving May a hard time about it.



Where’s Andy Wilman in the Tent


Looks like this was the tent in Southern California and if you can find Andy Wilman, good job!


The Aston driving through a crowd


Where have we seen this?

A Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a Rolls-Royce Dawn, and an Aston Martin DB11 inVicenza, Italy? Not 100% sure as to what they are up to with that sort of auto mix up. In this video, posted on The Grand Tour’s Youtube channel back in late July, it shows the boys driving through Vicenza with a VERY large gathering of fans.

These Hypercars


Where have we seen this?

I remember seeing this and just celebrating, “finally the boys are back!!”.

This tweet posted all the way back in October of last year, by Jeremy, was one of the first hints to what is to come in their new show, The Grand Tour!

This ship in the desert.


Not a whole lot has been said about this episode but a few months ago Jeremy was talking about being in Namibia. This ship is one of the many wrecks that can be found off the Skeleton Coast, near Toscanini, Namibia.

These convertibles


Where have we seen this?

We have seen a few different shots of the Alfa before but back in June we were treated with this tweet of Richard being Richard in Morocco. This setup leads me to believe that perhaps they may be doing a revised version of the converts’ in a desert just like they did on TG with the FIAT, BMW and Mazda. Hopefully this time James won’t crack his head open…

Tribute to Roger Moore?


Thanks to BlitzKrieg from Reddit, it looks like a tribute to a former 007


The new carboat




Where have we seen this?

…not a clue, but we can not wait to find out more about what is going on here!

From what we see here, it appears that that’s a Land Rover Defender mashup between machine and nature.

A crane and a “car”.


Where have we seen this?


Image source:

Here we get a behind the scene look at the crane and car “mishap” bit in Barbados. But what is going on? It’s rumored that the trio is attempting to make a car-based reef off the coast of Barbados.

This tank


Where have we seen this?

Image source:



Many different things could be going on here seeing how these guys REALLY love to blow things up. Perhaps an episode on being in the military?

This Challenger


Where have we seen this?

Image source:

This is definitely in Italy, since the boys took the same exact cars to Vicenza, so they must have been taking a overhead shot with the helicopter somewhere in Italy. Again, very confused with the huge gap of differences in these vehicles. If I were to throw out a guess, I would have to say they were allowed to choose a vehicle that best describes each one of them. I could be very very wrong.

The Beautiful Vulcan


Where have we seen this?

Image source:

Jeremy was given the chance to drive this absolutely gorgeous, (and very rare), Aston Martin Vulcan….which he stalls, but it’s perfectly normal, right?

In his defense these types of cars are very tricky to drive. It’s definitely not a put the key in, throw it in drive and off you go.



That’s about the just of it folks. We hope you all are as excited as we are! November 18th, be there! Stay tuned in to for all the updates you can handle on The Grand Tour and all things motoring!

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  1. James May in a sling was in December 2015 in France while filming a sequence with a Maserati.

    The tent with Andy is probably in South Africa. If you compare this picture with the ones published before you can see some people, wearing the same cloths in the same corner. Besides that in the most right window behind the presenters you see a human shaped figure which looks very similar on both images.

    The camouflaged truck, I think it’s in the same sequence as the tank. Those recordings were done in Devon.

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