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The Grand Tour Producer Reveals The Reason Behind The Latest Episode: “They Don’t Give A Toss”

The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May got into the differences between English and French vehicle culture in the most recent episode, Carnage A Trois. But Andy Wilman, the executive producer behind The Grand Tour, was quick to let fans know that the latest Amazon Prime Video special was a “love letter” to the French rather than criticizing our neighbours across the Channel.

Carnage A Trois saw the trio start the episode on the roads of Wales, and as they drove down to the Southern coast they defused bombs and Hammond even got behind the wheel of a propeller-powered car.

But Andy has now explained the reason behind this episode: They’re “jealous” of the French.

He told the press the following:

“We knew it was a love letter to the French because we’re jealous of the fact that they don’t give a toss about what the Government says they should do.

“We’re jealous of the fact they go, ‘No we’re not gonna build our cars like everyone else we’re going to do this’ even if it’s mental.

“We adore that spirit of that rebellious streak.

“The girl in the film who is in the race that was swearing at everybody, she is our French office junior.

“We were always checking against what she thought and she was loving it because she could tell we were jealous of what the French are like.”

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