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The Grand Tour Week: The Queen, China and a Bad Car Wash

We have rounded the corner on another week in the off-season of The Grand Tour, and while some of us are passing the time watching the new season of Top Gear, there are many who don’t care to watch Joey and Friends and are instead waiting patiently for any and all news concerning Jeremy, James, and Richard. Who knows, maybe some Season 2 news will drop out of nowhere (not likely anytime soon)!

As we twiddle our thumbs for new information, let’s instead take a look back at what happened this week. For those who don’t want to scroll through a bunch of pages, we will compile all the important news of the week right here in an easy to read post. Feel free to click on each title to get the full story. Enjoy!

The Queen of the Ring Goes From 48th To 4th In One Lap

We always knew that Sabine was fearsome behind the wheel from her many appearances on Top Gear over the years, but this video shows that is a truly a force to be reckoned with. Watch as she makes up 44 spots in one lap of the Nurburging! Bonus: highlights from that same race featuring some of the best racing you’ll see.

Edd China Talks About Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers

Edd China leaves Wheeler Dealers and the Internet does what it does best: blow something way out of proportion and take it too far. Mike Brewer, China’s co-host, was the recipient of the Internet’s rage, and China has do some damage control.

The Car Wash Nightmare Nobody Every Wants to Experience

Jalopnik reader takes a video of a an automated car wash incident, and all hell breaks loose. What follows is a domino effect of craziness, and a confirmation why I would never take my Mustang through one of these things.

The World’s Fastest Cadillac Has An Insane Turbo

Sometimes, over 500 HP just isn’t enough. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, but I suspect racing has something to do with it. Sometimes you just gotta have 2,000 HP…in a CTS-V.

Jeremy Clarkson Teases Rally Car Showdown between Lancia and Audi

A Group B showdown sure to make all car nuts salivate, Jeremy Clarkson teases the appearance of an Audi Quattro S1 and a Lanica Rally 037 on what appears to be the Eboladrome. Some footage for next season! It better be!

DriveTribe Weekly: Jeremy Clarkson’s Spirit Animal, James May on Buttocks, and More

Revisit the week in DriveTribe news! It turns out Jeremy has NOT forgotten about his Tribe, and James waxes poetic about buttocks. Because why not?

The Hoonigans Burnout and Drift An Electric Smart Car

If you thought that Smart cars were boring, then you would be correct. This just goes to show that the Hoonigan crew can make anything looks awesome, as they go nuts with a Smart car. Enjoy this one!

An Untapped Demographic: The Rover James

For our Throwback Thursday jaunt down memory lane, we revisit Jeremy and Richard’s creation: a car specifically made for the elderly. It has been dubbed The James, you know.

Ferrari LaFerrari the Victim Of An Idiot Owner

Ah, to be rich and jerky without a care in the world. Take this guy, for example. I shudder to think of what would happen to his LaFerrari if things continue to go downhill.

Toyota’s New Hybrid Boat – The Ponam-28V

As if creating the Prius wasn’t enough, Toyota has now gone and done the same thing with boats. In all seriousness though, a Toyota hybris boat is actually not a terrible idea, and it looks like their creation might actually have a bit a pep to it.

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