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The Greatest Pranks And Accidents From The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown

The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown was a brilliant episode. The team fought against the global pandemic and where many have failed, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May came out on top. In my review of the episode, I called it better than Top Gear. Why was that? Well, things just went wrong. 

Whether it was the cars or the presenters, something unexpected happens that adds an extra layer of humour. 

On top of this, proper pranks returned as well! While hiding a set of James’ keys is funny, filling his caravan full of water takes things to the next level.

So here are the best accidents and pranks from The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown. 

James May’s Caravan Conundrum

How does a caravan suddenly become filled with water? Obviously, it’s because it’s leaked in the famous Scotish rain… or Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have taken it upon themselves to fill it with water using a fire engine. 

James, while excusing himself for a moment on the bog with a crossword, had left his caravan free for Jeremy and Richard to play with. So after some bad parking and the desctruction of an cone, the boys take it upon themselves to have some fun.

They open the top hatch and using a fire engine, pump the poor thing full of water. James doesn’t notice the water pouring out from between the gaps around the door and opens it, getting flushed away with the torrent of water that pours out. 

If you look closely at James’ feet, though, you’ll see that there’s a bit of editing going on here. It looks as though this was actually staged, and where James falls, they’ve placed something to stop him from hurting himself. For this reason, it’s the very first on our list.


Meghan Markle Makes May’s Car Sparkle… or something

May’s Cadillac was missing the cover that is supposed to go over the rear left wheel. So to improve the look of his car and make it look even more ‘American’, Richard and Jeremy launch a plan to restore his beloved land yacht. 

But it’s very hard to find that piece of bodywork, especially in the UK, so the second best thing is a tray with the photo of two rather famous people who have caused some controversy over the last year: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

Printed onto a tray and stuck onto May’s car, the photo looks at home. Although May didn’t seem too happy. I wonder why?


Jeremy Clarkson Loses His Cararvan, Not His Life

While driving down a main road of Scotland (or something), Jeremy Clarkson suddenly sees his caravan overtake him. It turns out that it actually detached itself from his car. This is what he said about it:

“There was a point, when it started to overtake me, that I thought, ‘God, I’m having the biggest accident of my life,'” he said before revealing his thought process throughout the unnerving ordeal.

“Then I thought, ‘No, wait, I’m still in control’.

“And then, ‘The caravan’s come off’, and the whole tow bar had detached – That really happened!”

As you can see in the episode, James had never laughed so hard:

“I thought James’s lungs were going to come out, he was laughing so much,” Jeremy told The Sun.

I just don’t think he was going fast enough.


Richard Hammond Breaks Things Yet Again

Richard is certainly no stranger to breaking things; a Rimac, a drag car, a knee. So when he veers off the road slightly and his caravan gets stuck in a ditch, it doesn’t surprise us whatsoever. 

His first thought is to pull it out with his car, but this gets his car beached and stuck itself. So, following this, he gets out his car and starts to detach his caravan. As soon as it becomes free, it falls over. 

It turns out that even cars that Hammond aren’t in tend to flip around him.


James May Gets A Hefty Shove

In order to drive across to an island developed by executive producer Andy Wilman, Jeremy, Richard and James build a bridge. But this bridge isn’t exactly the most stable. It’s made from individual plastic blocks that float on the water, so when the trio drive their weighty land yachts across it, they get in a spot of trouble.

James is the first to go across, but as he spots the end of the bridge, becomes beached as the bridge moves beneath the car.

Jeremy follows with a plan of giving him a “hefty shove”, but thanks to him not being able to see over the hood, doesn’t hit him hard enough. They get very stuck which leaves Hammond to save the day. 


Richard Hammond Is Upside Down… Again

Seriously, how can this guy even get insured anymore? While building the bridge mentioned on the last page, Hammond decides to use a boat to assemble the questionable piece of equipment. 

But of course, knowing him, he throttle up and, with a rope attached to a rather heavy part of bridge, flips the boat. 

Jeremy said the following:

“Richard Hammond falling in the sea – well going upside down again.

“Honestly my knees collapsed when it happened, I was laughing so much, that panicky laughter when you think if you don’t breathe and then you’re going to suffocate.

“Richard was saying after that ‘no one was trying to help me’, nobody could because we were too busy laughing.”

Richard Hammond also weighed in on what happened:

“Essentially I was pulling a big platform with Jeremy on it on a little tiny fishing boat and I tied the rope to one side and long story short I gave it a little bit of a throttle and it started to rock.

“If it had been a stunt it would have been two days work and stunt coordinators and it never would have been as good. It sinks in about 10 seconds.”


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