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The Greatest Pranks And Accidents From The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown

Richard Hammond Is Upside Down… Again

Seriously, how can this guy even get insured anymore? While building the bridge mentioned on the last page, Hammond decides to use a boat to assemble the questionable piece of equipment. 

But of course, knowing him, he throttle up and, with a rope attached to a rather heavy part of bridge, flips the boat. 

Jeremy said the following:

“Richard Hammond falling in the sea – well going upside down again.

“Honestly my knees collapsed when it happened, I was laughing so much, that panicky laughter when you think if you don’t breathe and then you’re going to suffocate.

“Richard was saying after that ‘no one was trying to help me’, nobody could because we were too busy laughing.”

Richard Hammond also weighed in on what happened:

“Essentially I was pulling a big platform with Jeremy on it on a little tiny fishing boat and I tied the rope to one side and long story short I gave it a little bit of a throttle and it started to rock.

“If it had been a stunt it would have been two days work and stunt coordinators and it never would have been as good. It sinks in about 10 seconds.”


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