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Top Gear’s Greatest Behind The Scenes Moments Told By Script Editor Richard Porter

Jeremy Clarkson Nearly Died In A Submarine Leak

A submarine in water

Top Gear has had many none-starters, but when the nuclear submarine Jeremy Clarkson was about to step into for a film turned out to be leaking, it’s rather important to stop and think about waiting a few days. 

The submarine was hit while out at sea, with Porter writing the following:

The sub was stricken out at sea and the leak was not going to be fixed in a hurry, so the Top Gear team packed up and went home. Except, that is, for the chap who did our minicams. He was on board, having been taken to it a few days early so he could rig the craft for filming. The poor guy ended up staying on the leaky sub for a week.

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