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Top Gear’s Greatest Behind The Scenes Moments Told By Script Editor Richard Porter

How The Star In A Reasonably Priced Car Came About

Porter tells us exactly how The Star In A Reasonably Priced Car came about, and it’s quite a shock. Apparently, it was constructed around Bryan Ferry, who was going to be forced to drive a cheap car regardless of his suave reputation. 

He explains that the team had a scoring system for how they expected to be good guests. It would sit on the following awards, defined by Porter. 

  1. Drove themselves to the studio. Turning down a chauffeured Merc spoke of a passion for cars, and so it would prove to be with notable self-drivers including Chris Evans, Stephen Fry, Simon Cowell and Jenson Button.
  2. Hung around afterwards, like Sienna Miller, Steve Coogan and John Prescott.
  3. Came with a minimal entourage. Roger Daltrey turned up with just one old mate, a plasterer. Top blokes.
  4. Made themselves at home. Michael Fassbender plonked himself on our tatty sofa as if he was at a mate’s. Matt LeBlanc never wanted to leave, or at least not until we’d concluded a hyper-nerdic conversation about Porsche engines.
  5. Gave the impression they wanted to be there. An amazing number of stars were fired up about being part of Top Gear. None more so than Tom Cruise.

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Alex Harrington

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