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Video: Clarkson Would Rather Watch Formula E Than Formula 1

You all know that Clarkson can become very passionate about things he loves. Formula 1 resides under that list, or should I say, used to. He’s put together a list of ways he thinks we can improve F1. Have a watch of the video below, and below that, we’ll list his proposed fixes.

How to fix Formula 1 – Jeremy Clarkson

  1. Get rid of the stewards – Dangerous driving is what we want. Stewards only seem to mute that.
  2. The cars have to be stronger – They need to be able to withstand bumps and the forceful nature of racing.
  3. The governing body need to look at cricket on how to produce an exciting sport.

“I’d far rather watch a Formula E race these days than Formula 1, far rather,” Clarkson exclaims to the camera. “Something is wrong with Formula 1.”

Clarkson’s plan also includes telling Ferrari and Mercedes to f**k off! Well… why not?

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One Comment

  1. Clarkson’s is very close to correct on his opinion of F1 racing these days, ou t should be a more serious racing experience for the drivers and the fans! If you just watch cars go around in circles and the same people taking the races it gets boring, as the loss of spectators has shown that it has become bland! I agree that there needs to be more grunt in the attitude of the racing not just the engineering of the cars! Even if the same manufacturers keep taking the races it would be interesting to watch the underdogs reaching for a win!! Just my 2 bits, sorry!!! :::=^)

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