The Grand Tour

Watch Jeremy Clarkson Race Vin Diesel In Hilarious Fast And Furious Edit

Every once in a while we’re treated to a brilliant bit of talent. Today, it comes from Amazon Prime Netherlands, who have edited together pieces from the latest Fast and Furious film, alongside hilarious Jeremy Clarkson moments from the previous season of The Grand Tour.

‘The Ultimate Race’ begins with Jeremy struggling to get his leg into the small Aston Martin DB4 GT lightweight that can be seen in the video below:

Of course, in this edit he’s not driving the Aston, with him instead taking control of the… actually I’m not sure what he’s driving in this video, but it’s safe to say it’s clapped out and ready for the scrapyard, whatever F&F try to have you believe.

This is brilliant, and new (ish) content like this makes us so excited for the next episode of The Grand Tour, which is coming soon!

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