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What Would The Boys Be Doing If They Weren’t On The Grand Tour?

It’s not unusual for people to stop, look around and ask themselves if they hadn’t made certain decisions or if something had gone a different way, where would they be? It can be kind of a heavy question, but there’s nothing terribly deep about the answers the trio provided when asked exactly that on the most recent DriveTribe Live Q&A. So, what would they be doing?

Richard answered immediately with “crime.”  Hard to imagine the affable Hamster in a black ski-mask skulking around in the shadows, though. Luckily, James had suggestions for each of them, silly as they were. Unfortunately, his suggestion for Hammond got a little garbled and it’s hard to tell what he says. Our best guess though? Book shop. This might not be too far fetched, perhaps it would just have to be books specifically about cars (and only on the bottom few shelves).

“We are three 12-year-old men, who go around the world, having holidays and that’s the truth of it, we have no real skills at all” – Jeremy

We can just gloss over what Jeremy envisioned for himself were he not a television host, but what did James have in mind? For the obviously health-conscious and environmentally friendly Clarkson, the only other profession that makes sense would be a green grocer. Can’t you just see him in there helping out with customer service, answering questions about locally sourced, organic produce? Yeah, neither can we.

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Where did James see himself then? He’s admitted on several occasions that he’s not terribly fashion conscious, and indeed he does have a strange affinity for flower patterned shirts. So, of course then, he would own a shoe shop. Really though, couldn’t you see him meticulously arranging the shoes by color and size, making sure all the laces were tied up just right, dusting the shelves? Although, being James May, they would all be various shades of brown.

Really though, Jeremy had it just right when he said he felt really all of them had been born to do what they were doing. While we agree that James’ love of order could be transferred very well over to a shoe shop, we have to side with Jeremy on this one. In the end, we really can’t see them doing anything else, and wouldn’t want to even if we could.

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