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How To Get Tickets To Top Gear

It seems as we move further and further away from the finale of The Grand Tour, the more information the BBC is putting out. Just after The Grand Tour finale aired, the BBC released the first Top Gear Series 24 full trailer. This gave us our first glimpse of what the show will look like with Matt LaBlanc at the wheel. Honestly, there may be hope yet for the show, if they can deliver on the humor, action and, most importantly, the chemistry between the hosts that was hinted at.

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So, with the official release date (finally) set for March 13th on BBC America, and March 5th in the UK, you might be wondering how you can get in on the action in person? Being part of the audience is one of the best parts about how The Grand Tour and Top Gear are filmed, after all. There are three key criteria you must meet in order to have a hope of seeing the new trio (and the Stig) live in living color

The first requirement for getting tickets to be in the audience?  You must be a resident of the United Kingdom. This isn’t anything new, unfortunately, as the old Top Gear had the same rule. So, if you’re American, German, Australian or from anywhere else, you’d better make friends with someone who can get tickets fast.

This will only get you a foot in the door, however. The second thing you need to know is that Top Gear tickets are distributed using a ballot system. This means they choose the audience members at random, based on who signed up for each date. Lastly, you must be 18 and over. So, if you meet all the requirements, and feel like trying your luck, here is the link to the ticket site.

If your hopes and dreams have been dashed by this, don’t worry, you may still be able to get tickets to The Grand Tour, even though they have  a few requirements, of their own (like a having an Amazon account). You still have to be at least 18, but they have done away with the random ballot system. That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy though, as there is an application process, the tent is only so big, and, as you can imagine, tickets go quick!



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