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A Simple ECU Remap Makes The McLaren 720S A 9.5 Second 1/4 Mile Car

Yes, a naturally aspirated engine certainly has its benefits, but you can’t beat the fact that you can remap the ECU of a turbocharged car and add a whole lot of horsepower by just clicking a button on a laptop.

That’s exactly what someone did with the McLaren 720S, and to our surprise, it yielded terrifying results. The standard car, in absolute perfect conditions (which is a rarity), can just reach a 9.7 second quarter mile, but with some clicks on a laptop keyboard by EkanooRacing, the car was reliably and repeatedly able to hit the 9.6 second mark. So far, conditions have allowed the car to reach a 9.53 second pass.

In the video above they clock a 9.9.605 with a top speed of 146mph. And with plenty more modifications to come, it’ll be going a lot faster very soon. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this monster of a McLaren.

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