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Where Is James May’s Royal Oak Pub?

Earlier this week James May confirmed on Twitter that he, alongside a silent partner, is co-owner of a pub called the Royal Oak. Since then he’s also confirmed that while it isn’t open yet, it won’t be affected by the new 10pm curfew that’s been set for the UK to slow the spread of Covid-19. So while we wait for it to open, we’re going to show you exactly where this new pub is.

Where is James May’s New Pub?

The pub is located in a small village called Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire, 2 miles southeast of Tisbury and 11 miles west of Salisbury. Consisting of only a small number of roads, using Google Maps makes it very easy to find the Royal Oak, which sits on the side of Common Lane as you can see from the map below:

The pub looks large from the outside and possesses a large carpark to its left.

It’s hard to miss with a large sign on the front of the building and a hanging sign by the road.

The Royal Oak pub is accessible via the A350 and is close to a 14th Century Castle named Old Wardour Castle which is West of Swallowcliffe.

Please find a full interactive map of the area below:

Opening Times

While Google currently lists the pub as open, James May has confirmed that it is currently closed and has been since the UK lockdown began. We’ll be sure to update this page as we know more, but we expect the opening hours to be the same as they were before – 8am-11pm each day of the week. Of course, the 10pm curfew will be in effect for now.

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