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Protect Yourself With This Eboladrome Mask

If you watch the news at the moment, you’ll be bombarded by a certain buzzword: Coronavirus. It’s all very horrible and it’s dangerous outside and it really makes us think back to the good ol’ days of Ebola. Sorry, we mean the Eboladrome.

Old Lady from ‘Old Ladies House’ has joined us for the modeling…


The mighty test track of The Grand Tour didn’t last long enough with the seasons now only focussing on special episodes. But the three seasons we had the track and its accompanying racecar driver, Abbie Eaton, it became almost as legendary as the Top Gear Test Track. Unfortunately, it also became very controversial as the media hit out at its viral name.







The track, located at RAF Wroughton near Swindon, was shaped like the Ebolavirus, and was therefore named after it. It also featured a host of amazing segment names like ‘Your Name Here’, and ‘Old Ladies House’.

So if you want to keep yourself safe in a rather comedic way, and also help us keep going, click that big button above. It really helps us out, so a big thank you to you all.

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