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Who Is Richard Hammond’s Wife, Mindy Hammond?

So we know all about Lisa Hogan now, but what about Hamsters other half, Mindy Hammond?

Born on July 6th, 1965 in Cheltenham Amanda ‘Mindy’ Etheridge, married Richard Hammond back in 2002 and the couple have 2 daughters together named Isabella and Willow.

Mindy was adopted and grew up in Gloucestershire and was originally called ‘Alana’ when her 19 year old mother gave birth to her. She said:

“I grew up in Gloucestershire and I always knew that I’d been adopted. I had a loving relationship with my adoptive mum but it was quite complicated and I know that she found it difficult at times. I’m not knocking adoption at all, because I know that it can work fantastically, and I was very lucky because I had a great upbringing.”

Mindy has previously worked as a columnist for the Daily Express, her columns tended to focus on her home and family life.

Mindy is very close to Richard’s co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson, who would text Mindy a funny message everyday to keep her going after Hammonds first crash in the Vampire Dragster where he was going over 319 mph. Richard has announced that he regrets revealing that side of Jeremy as people may think he’s ‘softy’.

Mindy, Richard and their children live in an incredible fake castle in Herefordshire, but also have an apartment in London as well as a villa in Saint Tropez. Their castle features a moat, a high-tech security system and 10 foot iron gates.

If you’re concerned about the five Hammond’s rattling around in their massive castle, I wouldn’t worry… they’ve got a donkey, a rabbit, five cats, a peacock, two goats, eight horses, a turkey named Princess, chickens, ducks, a flock of sheep and four dogs to keep them company.

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