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Clarkson’s Mad Creation From Top Gear Live For Sale

We miss Top Gear live, but at least some of the creations from those magnificent days are still alive and well, and… for sale!

These international shows were renowned for their incredible stunts, one of which, included chariot racing. But these weren’t just any chariots, these were Top Gear chariots! And therefore, pulled by the most mighty of machines. Mopeds. Several years later, Clarkson’s is for sale.

It’s racked up an astonishing total of 1 mile since its birth according to the listing, and was apparently purchased from a former Stig – yes, there was more than one. Attached to the front providing the chariot with power are four CF125 four stroke scooters, each with one mile on the clock, with each braced with steel bars. Braking power comes from the outside scooters and is more than adequate at stopping the weird contraption.

Prices are estimated to reach not even £1,000, despite there being at least £6,000 worth of scooter here. Maybe we can change that?

You’ve got until May 12 to make your bid. After this article hits, you may have some competition…

Find the auction here!

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