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Have A Laugh As Richard Hammond and James May Play Games Behind The Scenes Of Top Gear

With the Coronavirus upsetting our day to day lives, it’s important that once in a while we sit back and have a laugh at something stupid. So here’s our ‘something stupid’ for today: an old clip from a behind-the-scenes portion of Top Gear. The clip joins Richard Hammond and James May in a Porsche Panamera as they get on each other’s nerves playing the ‘heated seat’ game as they race the Royal Mail.

A 500-mile journey can get boring, even if you’re driving a Porsche for a TV show, so the boys resort to childish games because… who wouldn’t? The aim of the game is to turn the other passenger’s seat heater on without them knowing. If you manage it, you not only get to slowly cook them without them knowing until it’s too late and their a** is on fire, but you also get a point. See the video below:

This is the kind of stuff that made us love Top Gear. It wasn’t just the epic cars and crazy stunts, but the simple back and forth between Clarkson, Hammond and May. Some argue that this is missing from The Grand Tour, and personally we thought it was definitely missing from the latest episode ‘Seamen’. But hey, things evolve.

“Stop turning my seat heater on, or I will stab you!” that has to be my favourite quote from the Hamster, ever. It’s safe to say you’ll be laughing from beginning to end as the two trick each other into looking away while they press the heated seat button.

What’s your go-to game for long journeys? Let us know and we’ll put together a list of our favourites!

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