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The Stig Admits That This Car Was The Best On The Top Gear Test Track

Ben Collins, otherwise known as the Stig, has driven countless cars of all types around the legendary Top Gear Test Track. So it’s fair to say that when he gives an opinion on a car, on that track, you listen. In a recent interview with DriveTribe, Ben gave his opinions on what could be the best car he’d ever driven on the track, and what would be the worst. We’ll begin with the best.

“The greatest car I drove,” Ben began,” was the Porsche Carrera GT.

“Even if it wasn’t the greatest lap, it was the greatest challenge.”

He continues:

“I got, not blase, but I got comfortable jumping in so many different types of cars that I thought nothing of a supercar with a Formula 1 engine in the back of it.”

“Went out in the GT and spun it coming out of the chicane and thought, ‘right, I’ve got that dialled now’, then spun it again.

“I thought, ‘I don’t have this dialled yet’, and I wasn’t used to spinning there, the car was so stiff and the power so savage, and your feet sat on this aluminium deck, it was very raw and difficult to keep your feet in a position.

“And it has a hair trigger throttle, so any movement on the power had an instant effect on the rear wheels and out of the Hammer Head was really bumpy, so as the car was riding this, it was all going on in the cockpit and you had to really think about what you were doing.

“It was sort of like tap dancing, you had to be absolutely in time with the throttle to the bumps, so I had to get myself wedged into the seat a bit better and then it all just synced together and it’s such a rewarding car to drive.”

Watch the lap below to see exactly what he means:

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