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The Stig Takes on The Dodge Viper ACR Around The Top Gear Track

If you’re any kind of a petrolhead than you know that the Dodge Viper has always been a car notorious for being a handful to drive, especially in the hands of someone lacking in experience. In this case, the car couldn’t be in better hands, as the person behind the wheel is none other than the infamous Stig. Taking the newest and most track-focused edition of the Viper, the ACR or American Club Racer, if you’re so inclined, around the Top Gear test track the Stig was able to push the car into one of the top five spots of the fastest cars to ever go around the Top Gear track.

While the Stig was able to put down an impressive time, judging by what we can see from the in-car footage it was anything but a walk in the park. The Dodge Viper ACR boasts nearly 650 HP with a curb weight of only about 3,400 lbs. That’s a recipe for a handful in any car, but the Stig manages to charm the snake and it’s powerful V-10 engine in spectacular fashion. Check out the video below!

Now that’s driving! Did you flinch when he hit that corner too? That had to have hurt the ol’ keister just a bit.  If you’re wondering, the lap time was an impressive 1.15.1. With so many lap records to its name, we shouldn’t be surprised that the Viper did so well on the Top Gear track, but it’s always a pleasure to see what such a great driver can do with a car that has so much potential.

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Source: Top Gear/BBC

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