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Top Gear: Paddy McGuinness Crashes Lamborghini Diablo During Filming

The Coronavirus may have stopped The Grand Tour from travelling around the world, but Top Gear, headed by Paddy McGuinness, Freddy Flintoff, and Chris Harris, is back on the road and filming for the next series. However, during filming in Yorkshire with a gorgeous Lamborghini Diablo, McGuinness lost control of the supercar and crashed it.

“It’s been a mad old day on Top Gear today, you might have seen that I had a bit of a shunt,” Paddy told The Sun.

“I finally got to drive one of my fantasy childhood cars the Lamborghini Diablo but it turns out 30-year-old supercars don’t like torrential rain, who’d have thought?

“If you’ve ever owned a Diablo or you’ve driven one you’ll know just as well as me, oh my God, she can be a cruel mistress, she can be a cruel mistress that one.”

Photos can be found by following this link of the destruction caused by the incident, which has more than likely written off the rare Italian sports car.

“That V12 lures you in and suddenly ‘rawr’ it bites you. I’m totally fine. Fingers crossed we get the car running again because it is an absolute beauty.”

He joked: “I’m going to have a cup of tea, a paracetamol and a good old cry.”

McGuinness’ wife Christine was quick to update fans after the incident.

“As far as I’m aware this was a minor incident and he’s absolutely fine.”

“The Lambo got it much more than he did!” she joked.

Paramedics and police were already at the scene of the crash attending the high speed driving that was taking place, and a source of The Sun said the following:

“Paddy is fine but a bit shaken as anyone would be when having a scare at speed.

“It could have been a lot worse.

“There’s always paramedics and police on a Top Gear shoot so he was in good hands for a once-over, but he’s smiling as ever.”

As you can see from the embedded tweet above, Top Gear isn’t short of fantastic cars for their next series as the trio drive three of the greatest supercars of all time: A Ferrari F50, a Jaguar XJ220, and the crashed Diablo. Is there a more perfect lineup of motorcar?

This has certainly given the next series a bit of excitement, and we can’t wait to watch how this went down.

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