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Top Gear Test Track Will Be Converted to New Housing Development

After years of fighting, the Waverly Borough Council have approved, 10 votes to 8, a plan to convert the current Top Gear test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome into a housing development of  approximately 1800-2600 new homes.

This is a part of a affordable housing project led by Jim MacAllister, the Dunsfold Park project chief executive, who has said that the land will be transformed into an area where the community can flourish. The development will include:

Dunsfold Park Artists impression of an outer neighbourhood
  • 30% of the development will be affordable housing
  • Community Center
  • Health Center
  • Primary School
  • Car Home
  • Shops & Cafes

Currently, there are only 100 businesses that employ 800 people along with the Top Gear track, which has been made into a Global Icon with the number of exotic cars tested by The Stig, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Although the boys have left to create The Grand Tour, it is a little sad that this track will be going away.

Obviously, there are protestors who don’t think the housing is necessary as this would be a money grab by real estate developers.

h/t: BBC

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  1. if this sort of thing were to happen in the us. there’s be a lot more red tape involved the track is located at a historic RAF base. it should be preserved. both actually. the track and the old airbase. though honestly i didn’t know there was a housing issue in england. guess there is… kinda sad that they’re doing this. still there is the virtual version of the track on forza 4 and 5,

  2. If they must I hope they put little markers up that say things like “James May broke his finger crashing into a wall here.” or “On this spot the Zenvo ST1 became even more orange.” or maybe even something less ridiculous as marking where Gambon used to be. Name roads after the curves. Put up a statue of The Stig. Pay some homage to the most watched TV show ever in some way.

    It is sad that the track is going away, very sad in fact, but they really should do something to show the world that on that spot, for more than a decade, three cranky middle aged men showed the whole world a good time.

    1. Funny how it’s being sold as affordable housing and yet only 30% of it will be affordable.. this is a pure money grab by real estaters

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