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Top Gear With Gleaming Reviews After Start Of Latest Series

Yep. If you’ve seen the first episode of the latest and greatest Top Gear, you’ll realise that despite how much you want to hate it, you love it.

With Chris Harris retaining his role as head car nerd, Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid have been replaced by Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuiness. Surprisingly, this really isn’t as bad as it sounds, and before any time at all, the reviews were in.

Here’s a selection of tweets to outline the general consensus. Enjoy!

With Harris able to give quick quips and his high quality car reviews that we know from the likes of Chris Harris On Cars, this alone pleases the majority of petrol heads. Pair this with the humour and games of Freddie and Paddy and we’re onto a winner.

Keith, a presenter who works with Paddy is keen!

These are strong words from Andrew!

These are some striking positive responses to the first episode, but are they all so friendly? Before we get onto the negatives, take a look at what Jethro Bovingdon, world-class motoring journalist said on Twitter.

Right, the not so good tweets…

Obviously there are some who are still sour after the loss of Clarkson, Hammond and May. And yes, while the structure of Top Gear hasn’t changed since they left, how many other series on YouTube and the like have similar layouts? Plenty. So why are we complaining about this? Anyway, a few more for you…

Sara obviously hasn’t kept an eye on their inclusion of Sabine Schmitz…

But hey, what do you guys think of the new show? We loved it, but you can’t please everybody, so leave your comments down below and we’ll round them up in a piece later on in the week!

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