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1000 Horsepower Dodge Charger Sounds WICKED on Dyno

Speedkore, an American performance company, released a video of their 1970 Dodge Challenger AKA the Evolution, making a run on their dyno. Just watching the video makes  you notice that there’s something different about this car. Its long and sleek looking body is all carbon fiber. Under the hood is a 7.0 liter supercharged monster of a V-8. 

This car was cool enough to be featured on Jay Leno’s garage alongside Speedkore VP David Salvaggio. The Evolution was fitted with a 6.2 liter supercharged V8, now they have upped it to a 7.0 Demon engine with what is speculated to be over 1000 horsepower. This massive engine is strapped to a very lightweight carbon fiber body, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. 

The car was not named Evolution simply by chance. What looks like a classic Charger is actually a cutting edge modern vehicle. Unlike most muscle car rebuilds where you take an old body, apply bondo and beef up the engine, this car was done a bit differently. The body is actually 100% new and all carbon fiber, with 3D printed parts. It doesn’t rust or dent making it timeless and the Demon block is repairable and reliable. Speedkore has totally revolutionized modern day classic muscle cars and pretty soon this will be the only way we will still be able to see classic cars driving in the future. All these improvements come with an all new price as well. Challengers used to be $40,000, this one is 10 times the price, ringing up to $400,000, and that’s just for the 6.2 liter. If you want the 1000hp 7.0 liter you better drain your bank account because it is, well we don’t know how much it is yet but I bet it’s a lot. 

Speedkore VP says that usable classic muscle cars to rebuild are getting harder and harder to find, and it wont get any easier. After all you can only repair an old rusty body so many times until you are just driving around in a tub of bondo with a V8 strapped to it. This is why Speedkore manufactures this cutting edge Charger body, it’s more likely to be here longer than you are. With time and rust taking our classics from us we must now evolutionize the standard rebuild process if we want to keep these classics on the road. 

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